A Promise To Mother Earth


O Dear Mother Earth
O Soul of the souls
In your fight for survival
You are not alone

Once upon a time
Our mother Earth lived so pure
The air was clean and water was healthy
Every being on it lived so secured

The time then passed
And our actions changed
We became the intruders
And our mother Earth got chained

In our greed for comfort
We destroyed all natural resources
Now we look at each other
For there are no more sources

We sit in the meeting rooms
Brain-storm on climate change
I think its nothing much
But the nature taking its revenge

Our generations will question us
Why we acted so selfish?
We destroyed whole beautiful world
Just to live our life, a little more lavish!

I think about those infants
Who were yet to open their eyes
But, in the absence of good living conditions, died
And to their mothers, said a silent goodbye..

Stop fellow humans, please stop now
Still you need answers to your climate problems, when and how!
We should start loving our mother Earth, as we did before
We’ll have to act-up fast, for we have a big climate burden to borne

Together we can! Together we will!
Act Up! Wake Up!

All Rights Reserved

By- Divya Sharma


To Dear Little Sunday, With Love!!


A Sunday is that day of the week which actually takes away all our tensions and myths of work and we actually indulge in deep silent sleep and enjoy that ‘My Moment’ of our life!  I am fond of Sunday ever since I began my steps to school…I used to wait eagerly for this one day when I will not be forced by Mom to get up early and will not have to gulp the glass of milk with extra cream poured on it and with Bournvita mixed in so that I may not make faces to finish it.

Now, when I have grown up, my love for Sunday is still the same…the actual feeling at Saturday night is that as if am about to meet my old best friend tomorrow!! So, such a special relationship Me and Sunday share with each other!

Love! ❤


(Above illustration: By Me only 🙂 )

Amazing Facts About Countries Around The World

From the website List25 comes this amazing list of 25 Things you Wouldn’t Believeabout 25 countries around the world. So fascinating I thought I should share!

Depending upon your definition, and whether or not you count Taiwan, there are “approximately” 196 countries in the world as of this writing. So while you may consider yourself to be a knowledgeable global citizen, and I’m sure you are, given the dynamic and complex nature of our planet there are certain to be at least a couple facts on this list that you will find surprising. Here are 25 things that you wouldn’t believe about these countries.

25: Covers the most time zones – France


If you count everything, including overseas territories, then France claims the title by covering 12 time zones. The United States would be the runner-up with 11 and then Russia with 9.

24: Most likely to disappear beneath the waves – Maldives


With all the talks of global warming and rising sea levels, it is the residents of the Maldives that have the greatest reason to fear. With an average height of around 1.8 meters above sea level their nation is the lowest on Earth.

23: Most overweight population – Nauru


With over 95% of its population being overweight, the small island nation of Nauru is by far the fattest country on Earth. Its obesity epidemic is primarily attributed to the importation of western fast food that coincided with an increased standard of living in the 20th century due to the global popularity of its phosphate exports. It’s almost non sequitur…almost.

22: Roads made of coral – Guam



Because Guam doesn’t have any natural sand, but rather coral, the island nation makes its asphalt using a mix of ground coral and oil rather than importing sand from abroad.

21: Has 350 sheep for every person – Falkand Islands (UK)

Falkland Islands

With only about 3,000 people the Falkland Islands are home to approximately half-a million-sheep. Not surprisingly wool is a major export.

20: Oldest sovereign state – Egypt


This largely depends upon your definition of a sovereign state but if you are going by first acquisition of sovereignty then Egypt would be the first country in the world to achieve sovereignty based upon the formation of the first dynasty in 3100 BC.

19: Most lakes in the world – Canada


With over 3 million lakes 9% of Canadian territory is actually fresh water and over 60% of all the lakes in the world are found within its borders.

18: Least likely place to meet your neighbor – Mongolia


photo: theatlantic.com

At 4 people per square mile Mongolia is the least densely populated country on Earth. Compare this to the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong that has the highest population density in the world with 340,000 people per square mile.

17: Largest number of tanks – Russia

Russian tanks

It is a strange title to hold, but Russia has by far the most tanks of any army in the world (21,000). Unfortunately for the motherland most of these outdated machines are tributes to its past, and although outnumbered (16,000), the United States has a much more advanced tank inventory.

16: The land of no rivers – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

photo: americanbedu.com

Sounds a bit strange doesn’t it? For a country as big as Saudi Arabia there has to be at least some sort of flowing water. Well, there isn’t. Most of their fresh water comes from desalinization plants or underground reservoirs.

15: Youngest population of any country – Niger


Generally the worlds youngest country is determined by calculating the portion of the population that is younger than 15. Presently it is Niger that holds this distinction with roughly half of its population having barely reached puberty (49%).

14: Most diverse country in the world – India


In almost every category – culturally, economically, climatically, racially, linguistically, ethnically, and religiously India is either the most diverse countries in the world, or the runner-up.

13: Fastest disappearing nation – Ukraine


With a natural decrease in population of .8% annually, between now and 2050 Ukraine is expected to lose around 30% of its people.

12: Most of its citizens live abroad – Malta


After some rough economic times coupled with an increased birth rate, Malta experienced significant immigration. It was so significant that there are now more Maltese living abroad than within the country itself.

11: Smaller than Central Park in New York City – Monaco


Although Vatican City is smaller (.17 sq mi) than Monaco (.8 sq mi), unlike Monaco it doesn’t have any permanent residents which leaves Monaco as the smallest permanently inhabited nation in the world…smaller than Central Park.

10: Almost entirely covered in jungle – Suriname


With 91% of its land covered in jungle Suriname’s half-a-million residents live primarily along the coast near the capital. Only 5% of the population (mainly indigenous people) live inland.

9: Almost entirely treeless – Haiti

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Haiti, a country that has been so badly deforested that you can tell where it borders the Dominican Republic by looking at a satellite image (Haiti is on the left in the photo above).

8: Largest country with no farms – Singapore


photo: nationalgeographic.com

Although there are a number of small nations in the world that show no hint of having an agriculture based economy, (take Vatican City for example) Singapore is the largest of these urban city-states.

7: Most languages spoken – Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

photo: nationalgeographic.com

Although English is its official language, only 1-2% of the population actually speak it. As the most linguistically diverse country in the world, over 820 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea or 12% of the world’s total.

6: Most educated people – Canada

Canadian university

With 50% of its population having been educated at the post secondary level, Canada easily has the most educated populace in the world. It is followed by Israel at 45% and Japan at 44%.

5: The “country desert” – Libya


With 99% of the country covered in desert Libya is one of the most arid places in the world and in some regions decades may go by without a single drop of rain.

4: Least peaceful nation in the world – Somalia


photo: latimes.com

Although for the last three years Iraq has been ranked as the least peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index Somalia overtook it this year for the top spot.

3: Produces most of the world’s oxygen – Russia

Siberian forest

Siberia is home to approximately 25% of the world’s forests that span an area larger than the continental United States, making Russia the largest converter of CO2 into breathable compounds.

2: World’s largest opium producer – Afghanistan

poppies in Afghanistan

Producing a whopping 95 percent of the world’s opium, not even 10 years of occupation by American forces have slowed down the industry.

1: Most people behind bars – United States

American prison

When it comes to incarcerating its population, the United States is the world’s uncontested leader. With 2.2 million people behind bars it has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s incarcerated population. China comes in second place at 1.5 million and Russia comes third at 870,000.

So these are some of the most shocking and amazing facts about those countries in which we live or have been there, hope you’ll enjoy it!

Love ❤


Delightful Kashmir

I have always heard from my father about the beauty of Kashmir and that it is actually a Heaven of Earth…which is indeed true! The beauty of this place is mesmerizing , full of picturesque view spread all around, interesting people, also full of exotic and tempting dishes to gorge on!

In Kashmir, not only lies the natural beauty but lies here the treasure of excellent quality of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and delicious food. Kashmiris, especially the vegetarian people use the stem of lotus nadru in variety of dishes.

I moved towards a little shop situated at Khaniasadak which is almost 50 year old! Here, Mohd. Ashraf prepares fresh bread and I saw his wife serving Noon Chai with bread. Localites like to eat this bread with Noon Chai , they call this bread, roti. Kashmiri people keep Noon chai with them all day long. In first instance, it looks like a melted butter on milk but when you take a sip, the exotic taste of this tea makes you its fan forever!!

Mr.Sadik, who is a houseboat owner, told me about the process of preparing Noon Chai. Sadik Saab took a copper utensil and boiled some water and after that added leaves of Kashmiri tea into it. After boiling it became reddish in color, he added milk and after taking it off from the stove, added a pinch of salt to it after that poured it into traditional Samovar. 

After tasting this awesome tea, I went to Srinagar’s one of the famous bakery, Ali Sons Bakery , Mr.Abdul Latif is the owner of this shop. Here biscuit is called Kulcha. On top of these Kulcha’s there is a layer which is a mixture of Khus-Khus and sweet and salty flavour.

After this for lunch, I chose to check out the famous Restaurant. Here I came to know that Kashmiri cuisine is divided into Vazvan and Pandit. Vazvan food is always non-vegetarian and Pandit food is purely vegetarian. In my ordered Thali, there were aromatic rice, with veg kababs and in a bowl, Kadhi which was luke-warm. Food was good and flavourful but to get a more authentic experience of Pandit food, since I am a North Indian Pandit myself! I chose to spend my next day with a Kashmiri Pandit family. Kashmir’s vegetarian food is excellent, especially of Kashmiri Pandits! No spices, only salt, asefotida (Heeng) , turmeric and sometimes a bit of pepper used. The oil they mostly use is Mustard oil. Whatever Mrs. Sujata had prepared for me in that there was only Dum Aloo was one dish in which there were spices used. Food that we eat in rest of the India, the taste of the food was unique and light.

It was a memorable experience for me. Entire Kashmir is full of tasteful and tempting food! Come and explore this beautiful and tasteful heaven some day!

Will keep you posted with more of such experiences!!

Love! ❤


Must See and Do in Mauritius

Heyos…and Hellos!!

As I mentioned in my last to last post about Mauritius, I am back with this beautiful post set to guide you about some must things to see and do when you are on this beautiful volcanic island nation located in the Indian ocean. So come with me and explore!


Chamarel is the highest waterfall in Mauritius at 100 meters. This natural beauty spot is the perfect photo opportunity and certainly an impressive sight. Climb the stairs to the viewing platform at the top and take a look at the breathtaking waterfall as it hits the pool 100 meters below. This trip is usually combined with a ‘Visit to Seven Colored Earth’, which is made up of sand dunes of different distinct colors including reds, browns and purples. The dunes were created by volcanic rocks which cooled at different temperatures and became crushed into sand which then settled into different colors.


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If you’re an adventure freak and animal lover, then you should not miss a visit to this absolutely adorable place! Here you can embrace the innovation of the modern Segway and embark on a safari like no other. The sight of African game animals roaming the savanna is truly majestic. Follow their footprints and use your guide’s expert tracking skills to stalk them and gaze over the island’s west coast from a strategic viewpoint.

Following a short safety briefing and orientation exercise, discover the 35-acre (14-ha) Casela National Park. Zip down trails, traversing the grassland and indigenous dry forest. Observe the roaming wildlife and enjoy their natural habitat—herds of African antelope and zebra as well as flocks of ostrich—all interacting in the balanced ecosystem.

See rare big cats like lions, cheetahs, and tigers. There’s even a chance to get up close and personal with these magnificent beasts. Look to the skies and trees, as this park is home to more than 1,500 bird species. This is a great chance to get close to the wildlife, since a Segway is much quieter than a car. Enjoy the park’s many great facilities and the panoramic views of the stunning coastline.


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Well, if you’re a golf lover like me and wish to try out your hands on it then this is the place for you and if you’re not a golf lover but like to bask in the glory of the serene greens, you should hang in out here!

Mauritius has erupted on the golfing map—discover up to 4 of its stunning courses. Set on tropical islands, in the shadows of mountains, and on the tops of cliffs, the selection here is likely to be the most beautiful you’ve played. Tee off and save big with this handy 4-in-1 pass.

Considered one of the top golfing destinations in the world, the island of Mauritius has a surprising number of courses. Now you can judge them for yourself by sampling 4 of the best. Included is the spectacular Le Touessrok. On its own tropical island (Ile de Cerfs), the course here is backed by Bernard Langher and consistently ranked by journalists as 1 of the world’s top 10.

Over the duration of 1 month, you can enjoy play on 3 more courses. Admire the breathtaking scenery at Tamarina, the Ernie Els-backed Anahita at the Four Seasons, and the Heritage Course at Bel-Ombre—all boasting jagged mountain backdrops to one side and the turquoise-blue of the Indian Ocean on the other.


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Spend a day in paradise as you snorkel, swim, and lunch on the private island of Ile des Deux Cocos. Enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride to Blue Bay Marine Park and swim in calm turquoise waters before luxuriantly lazing under a swaying palm tree, enjoying island living.

The beautiful private island of Ile des Deux Cocos is a glittering gem in the middle of the protected Blue Bay Marine National Park. The island is fringed by the whitest sand beaches and most tranquil crystal-clear waters. You have plenty of free time to explore this island, great opportunities to swim, as well as time to enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride among the colorful fish and coral. Or just simply kick back and relax on the stunning beaches.

Indulge in a delicious buffet lunch with an array of delicious grills and salads accompanied by unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks, all while listening to the sound of traditional local music. Celebrate the end of your day of luxury with a traditional rum cocktail before heading back to the mainland.


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Visit the enchanting South Coast, taking in La Vanille Nature Reserve and the Saint Aubin Sugar Estate. After a traditional Mauritian lunch, experience the wild nature of the rugged coast at Gris Gris. Take a walk through a nature reserve boasting a diverse ecosystem.

Begin your South Coast adventure with a stroll in the tropical La Vanille Nature Reserve, with majestic giant tortoises plodding near you. Observe local crocodiles—the intimidating creatures use this site as an important breeding ground. The lush valley is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna. Pass the relaxing afternoon admiring truly natural beauty.

Learn about local vanilla cultivation at the Saint Aubin Sugar Estate. Its splendid gardens and grand colonial house provide idyllic surroundings. Enjoy a local lunch in this stunning spot, with the Atlantic Ocean relentlessly beating at the rocks below.

The sea cliff at Gris Gris is well known; the coral reef does not protect the island here. Here, visit a distillery where rum is made and enjoy a tasty sampling of local produce.

So guys! That’s all from my side , hope you will like it and add these places in your watch list while planning a trip to Mauritius…

I’ll be back with some more interesting posts…till then…sayonara!

Love! ❤


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Shop Your Heart Out in Hua Hin

No holiday experience would be complete with a bit of shopping thrown in, and Hua Hin has all sorts of shopping treats lined up for visitors. There are some shopping opportunities in nearby Cha-Am and Pranburi too, but for variety and choice you’d be better off exploring in Hua Hin.

Whether you want to have a new suit or dress made, or looking for souvenirs and the local crafts Thai people are so famous for, you’re in luck. Local markets like the Day or Night Markets offer a very wide variety of merchandise, and probably the best places to shop at!

Let me present before you Top 10 Shopping thingiees in Hua Hin:

1. Chat Chai Market with Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin Best time to go: after 19:00

Primarily, Hua Hin Night Market is a place to indulge in tasty street food and cheap cocktails but that is not to say that the shopping should be neglected. The sort of stuff you can expect to see goes along the lines of jewelry, crafts, some Buddhist tokens, beachwear, funky lamps and some counterfeit goods. Nearby Chat Chai Market (day market), where locals pick up groceries, fresh seafood, flowers and textiles, is worth checking out.

2. Hua Hin Market Village

Hua Hin Open: 10:00-22:00

This is the town’s first large-scale shopping center and entertainment complex, signifying the area’s gradual transition from quaint fishing village to a world-class resort town. Some of the reasons to head down here are the Multiplex Cinema and food hall. It is air conditioned and has a reasonable selection of fashion and brand name goods spread over three floors.

3. Cicada Market

Khao Takiab Open: 16:00-23:00

Art Stalls, Cicada Market

Cicada Market’s art-inspired concept is the first of its kind around here. Divided into four sections, the market offers mainly everything art-related, such as paintings, sculptures, home accessories and handicrafts. The landscaped garden features live music and dance performances most Friday and Saturday evenings, starting 19:00. Cicada Market is as chilled out as lounging on the beach but with a bit of colour and festivity thrown in.

4. Plern Wan

Open: 10:00-22:00 (Mon-Thurs), 10:00-midnight (Fri), 09:00-midnight (Sat)

Plearn Wan is like a living museum where you can experience a slice of life in 1950s Hua Hin. The two-storey courtyard building houses a community of period-style shops, a food court, an outdoor cinema screen and a 20-room guesthouse. The collection of one-off souvenirs and fashion accessories is quite impressive – even if you don’t buy anything, it makes for quite a pleasurable look around.

5. Cha – Am Night Market

Cha-Am after 18:00

Known as ‘talat nad’, the market is popular mainly with locals, who come here to check out new clothes, DVDs, CDs and cutesy accessories. Other than this, there is a few food stalls. Fridays are usually the busiest when more traders turn up. This market is not necessarily loaded with things that you would want to buy, but it has a great atmosphere and is a good way to gain an insight into the Cha-Am market experience.

6. Saphira

Hua Hin Open: 11:00-21:00

Specialising in unique handcrafted jewellery made from anything up to 18 K gold to 925 sterling silver, Saphira is Hua Hin’s primary jewellery shop. Here you are guaranteed top-notch pieces, validated by warranties and the stones a certificate of authenticity. If you are interested to see how a piece of jewellery is made then you can actually watch your order in production. The shop has been around since 1958.

7. Hua Hin Antique Shop

Hua Hin Open: 12:00-20:00

This flea market style shop specializes in ‘antiques’, with everything from home furnishings to gramophones to unique forms of transport – think unicycles and vintage children’s bikes. You will be able to spend a good hour rummaging through this treasure trove of bygone gems. The shop is housed inside a gorgeous two-storey wooden shop-house at the corner of Phetkasem and Naresdamri Roads. Open: 12:00-20:00 Location: 6 Naresdamri Rd.

8. Khomapastr

Hua Hin Open: 9:00-19:00 (Mon-Sat), 9:00-17:00 (Sun)

Founded in 1949, along with Jim Thomson’s company, Khomapastr is one of Thailand’s most cherished and highly regarded brands. Largely featuring cotton products, the Hua Hin branch was the first to open over 60 years ago and deals in hand-printed classical patterns, especially on ‘pha kiao’, the fabric adorning royal palanquins. Nowadays you will find near enough the same stuff but of course modernized to meet the demands of the new consumer.

9. Hua Hin Grand Night Market

Hua Hin – Open: 18:00-23:00 (Wed-Sun)

Hua Hin Grand Night Market has two main sections. The part fronting the main road contains typical mass market type goods. The section towards the back has a more hip, artsy vibe. Here, you will find unique handmade crafts, a few bars and a small air-conditioned zone with more shops, as well as a fish spa. Street food is also plenty, consisting mostly of Thai fare and a few Asian delicacies and steaks.

10. Premium Outlet

Cha Am – Open: 10:00-20:00 weekdays and 09:00-20:00 weekends

If you are looking to buy branded clothes at discounted prices then the Premium Outlet should be your first port of call. Stocking brands such as Naf Naf, Lacoste, and Jaspal, G200 you should expect to find a few steals here. Some items are discounted as much as half of what you would usually pay. Some stuff even competes with the prices you would pay for counterfeit brand-name goods in Thailand’s markets.

Well, Thailand is a place which satisfies your appetite for shopping in a true way. From big brands to local souvenir, fashionable stylish items to artifacts, you can find them all and whats the best thing is that you can munch on some mouth-watering Thai delicacies while shopping! So, I am sure whenever you will plan your trip to Thailand, you will not miss any of these spots!

Stay Fit! Stay Healthy and Shop a lot! 🙂

Love! ❤


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The Daily Post Challenge: What I wanted to be…

As a kid, I wanted to be all…I mean to say, I used to get fascinated by everyone who used to look perfect in his or her profession and used to imagine myself in their position. I remember, a dentist used to visit our school for kids teeth check-up and that beautiful lady used to look so smart that I had made up my mind that I will become a dentist!

After sometime, when I was in 8th standard, a news anchor fascinated me by her style and I thought, not dentist but I will become a news anchor or a reporter and it lasted for a longer time. My mother used to always tease me that no wonder, after sometime you will say that you want to become the Prime Minister of India! 😀 I used to reply mischievously…”Who knows” 😀

Right now, I am in the profession of Social Work and development. I think, am not much near to my dreams which I had once longed for but not that far from the dream of becoming a reporter as I think, even media personalities work to help the people by making them aware about what is going wrong and shows them the actual truth and a Social Work too helps people and works for their development by assisting them in fulfilling their needs as and when required. So….I am satisfied with what I am doing right now!


Dreams come and go but what stays with us is the reality!


Futures Past

Story of An Evening

Walking down the street

Leaving all behind

There were thoughts

Clouding my mind

Then I looked at the faces

Some serious, some happy

A child running out

With his shoes flappy

It was a bright evening

With Sun in no mood to set

I took out a water bottle half-opened

It made me all wet

Making my way through the crowd

I rushed towards a shop

To ask for a napkin

But standing there already was a bunch of cops

There was some problem

Within that store

I thought its better to move

And interfere no more

Finally I moved to home

As my hunger got tight

As I stepped into my house

Lit up the street light



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My List of Top 5 Resorts & Hotels in Mauritius

Hey People!

I am back with my latest post and its about country of beautiful beaches and Sun-Kissed ocean – Mauritius! What is the best thing about this place is that as soon as you land-up in this place it gives you a feel of relaxation and makes you forget all your worries and tensions…so if you’re gonna looking out to chill out, this is the place to be. In this post, am gonna share my list of top five awesome resorts and hotels of Mauritius. Check it out here!

1. The St. Regis Mauritius Resort

I mean look at its beauty guys! Don’t you feel like to just go there and feel the peace of this place? Experience island luxury in the Indian Ocean with a pampering spa, sparkling beach, exceptional resort amenities, and legendary service. With the stunning backdrop of Mauritius’ iconic Le Morne Brabant Mountain and spectacular sunsets over the open sea, the resort’s location offers travelers a tranquil beachfront setting like no other in the world.

The unique conditions on the windward side of the island also allow for a wide range of aquatic activities, including the exhilarating sports of wind and kite surfing in world-class conditions. Deep-sea fishing, snorkeling and diving amid fascinating coral reefs—all are within easy reach. The island is also known for spectacular golf courses, two of which are in close proximity to the resort.

2. Constance Le Prince Maurice

Can you ignore this? No chance! This place will make your heart drool over it! Designed by architectural mastermind Jean Marc Eynaud and designer David Edwards, Constance Le Prince Maurice is where style, space, and architectural designs create the perfect hotel lifestyle. Peaceful by day, the hotel is amidst lush tropical greenery. The infinity pool and natural reserves add to the decor by instilling a sense of tranquility. Picturesque at night, the structure of the hotel is enhanced by warm lights positioned to harmonize with the environment.

At this romantic hideaway, guests choose from one of the 64 Junior suites, 12 Family suites, 12 Villas, or the lavish Princely suite. Each suite features air-conditioning, bathroom with bathtub, double vanities, separate shower/WC, hair dryer, minibar, safe, desk, satellite TV, Hi-Fi, telephone, Apple Mac Mini, WIFI internet access, furnished terrace, or balcony.Inspired by Feng Shui principles to create the perfect sense of harmony, all beds stand high above floor level to help the circulation of Qi. In the first hall of the Archipel restaurant, internal concrete columns are at the center of the hall so as to increase the concentration of energy in the center.

The elegant U Spa at Le Prince Maurice is set in a tranquil corner of the gardens and centered around a stone courtyard with a calming heated pool. Relax, rejuvenate, detox, re-hydrate, or simply enjoy – the choice is yours. Archipel restaurant located in the main building, overlooking the pool and the beach and partly open-air. Le Barachois, the unique floating seafood restaurant, comprises of five decks, located amongst the natural fish reserve, which is reached via a wooden pathway. Le Barachois overlooks the lagoon with an unspoiled view of a mountain range – the sunset is breathtaking. Situated in the Laguna bar area, the Asian restaurant offers for lunch and dinner a selection of sushi, sashimi, maki, dim-sum, as well as other Asian specialties. Other hotel amenities include a Kids’ Club, two 18-hole golf courses, meeting rooms, and on-site shopping.

3. The Oberoi Mauritius

Uh La La! This place has got all the oomph and style! Perfect place for the honeymooners and love birds! It is a Luxury Five-Star Hotel and Spa. Unique Design With A Village Concept With Independent Villas. Guest Rooms Have Spectacular Ocean Views Are Built With A Harmonious Blend Of Wood, Thatch And Stone. Private Swimming Pools In Most Luxury Villas. Subtle Blend Of Flavors In The Cuisine That Represent The Ethnic Diversity Of The Island. Extensive Range Of Treatments Using Natural Products And Traditional Techniques Available At The Spa Managed By The Banyan Tree. Complete Privacy In An Atmosphere Of Understated Elegance And Charm.

4. Maradiva Villas Resort and Spa

Overlooking the blue waters of Tamarin Bay, Maradiva Villas Resort and Spa is an all-villa Resort of Mauritian architecture with colonial influences; a luxurious and tranquil resort with 65 villas, providing utmost privacy. Each villa has a view of the sea, is fitted with its very own plunge pool and al-fresco dining-living area and offers personalized service.

The villas and suites have been created keeping in mind the needs of discerning travelers, from catering to their basic needs of comfort to providing options of entertainment creating an ambience to relax and de-stress. Right from the moment of entering, one will discover the thoughtful care that has gone into designing these villas. Large and spacious, they offer all the features a guest would expect from a world-renowned group of hotels, from conveniences like satellite television, digital videodisc player, a music system, a surround television system, international dialing to high-speed and wireless internet.

Apart from the in-villa dining, the resort offers an eclectic dining experience. Guests are offered a choice of all-day casual dining at the Coast2Coast restaurant, serving Mediterranean, International and Creole cuisine; or more of fine dining at the Cilantro Specialty Restaurant, featuring a cross-section of Pan Asian/Japanese cuisine and a variety of the rich flavours of India. To relax over some international cocktails watching the sunset, enjoying pre-dinner drinks or to just chill-out to the sound of daily life Jazz after dinner, the Breakers Bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, wines, spirits and specially selected cigars in an exotic and intimate setting.

Another unique feature at the resort is its top-of-the-line Spa that offers a range of Indian inspired signature treatments from deep muscular massages and relaxation aromatherapy to detoxification cleansing wraps and Ayurvedic applications that promise to pamper the senses. The spa also features a Yoga-meditation Pavilion, with regular sessions conducted by trained instructors and healers.

Further facilities such as a fully equipped sports center, a flood light tennis court, a large swimming pool, a range of water sports and a challenging golf course very nearby make a holiday experience complete. The Maradiva Villas Resort and Spa is also an ideal destination for families with kids; a special Kids Club offering a complete range of amenities and services that enhance a young traveler’s holiday

5. Constance Belle Mare Plage

Well..Set along a stunning 2 kilometer white sand beach, in a sheltered bay on the East Coast of Mauritius, Constance Belle Mare Plage is beautifully balanced between the tropical environment and Constance Chic. The design and architecture is the creation of decorator Martin Branner, light designer Bo Steiber, landscaper Colin Okashimo, and Mauritian architect Jean-Marc Eynaud. Inspired by the unique beauty of the East Coast; space and style were combined to create comfort, to radiate brightness, and to breathe the freshness of the Indian Ocean.

Choose from one of the 92 Prestige Rooms, 96 Junior Suites, 6 Deluxe Suites, 20 distinctive Villas, or the Presidential Villa at Constance Belle Mare Plage. All rooms are comfortably furnished using modern wood and marble. They each have a furnished terrace or balcony, air conditioning, bathroom comprising of separate shower/bath/ WC, hairdryer, TV/satellite channels, Internet access, telephone with voice mail, mini-bar, wireless internet access, Apple mac mini, individual safe, desk, sitting area, and 24 hour room service.

When it’s time to tantalize your taste buds, choose from one of seven distinctive restaurants and five bars situated at prime locations. A kids’ club, spa, and two 18 hole championship golf courses available. Activities ranging from catamaran trips, deep sea fishing, quad biking, canoeing, underwater walk, parasailing, submarine, kite surfing, speed boat, helicopter trip, and tailor-made excursions are available.

Phew!! So, that’s it from my side! Now its your turn to choose the one which suits you and plan a trip to Mauritius!

(Places to see and top things to do in Mauritius coming soon!)

Till then…don’t forget to be awesome!

Love! ❤


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My Life Would Have Been Different

If I get a chance to re-write my past events, I surely will re-write the time I spent after my graduation. I took break from my studies for almost two years as I didn’t like to study and worked in an insurance company as a Graduate Trainee, though that job was prestigious and the company was big but I still repent…If I would have continued my studies at that time, my life would have been different….far more different…

Life’s road is so uncertain!

But maybe this is what we call destiny…in the end what happens is not our planning but the planning of God.

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