No, I ain’t Complaining


No, I ain’t complaining

But you were to come

Come back to me

Back to your promises

To all those moments

Where you & I were ‘we’

No, I ain’t complaining….

You were to revive my trust

The love that we shared

Each day that was blissful

Not a second that was spared

But you didn’t come

And I ain’t complaining…

-Divya Sharma

All Rights Reserved.


An Evening Affair


Again its an evening

Full of dusky colors

It looks like a story of

Lovers and late comers

Out from my window

I see a colorful sky

People meeting each other

Saying ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi’

Smell of fresh apple pie

Smell of curry

Evening is the time to make

Some delicious dinner in a hurry

Evenings have their own charm

They have their own beauty

Most people wait for it

As its time to get off from duty


-Divya Sharma

All rights reserved.