A Promise To Mother Earth


O Dear Mother Earth
O Soul of the souls
In your fight for survival
You are not alone

Once upon a time
Our mother Earth lived so pure
The air was clean and water was healthy
Every being on it lived so secured

The time then passed
And our actions changed
We became the intruders
And our mother Earth got chained

In our greed for comfort
We destroyed all natural resources
Now we look at each other
For there are no more sources

We sit in the meeting rooms
Brain-storm on climate change
I think its nothing much
But the nature taking its revenge

Our generations will question us
Why we acted so selfish?
We destroyed whole beautiful world
Just to live our life, a little more lavish!

I think about those infants
Who were yet to open their eyes
But, in the absence of good living conditions, died
And to their mothers, said a silent goodbye..

Stop fellow humans, please stop now
Still you need answers to your climate problems, when and how!
We should start loving our mother Earth, as we did before
We’ll have to act-up fast, for we have a big climate burden to borne

Together we can! Together we will!
Act Up! Wake Up!

All Rights Reserved

By- Divya Sharma


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