The Daily Post Challenge: What I wanted to be…

As a kid, I wanted to be all…I mean to say, I used to get fascinated by everyone who used to look perfect in his or her profession and used to imagine myself in their position. I remember, a dentist used to visit our school for kids teeth check-up and that beautiful lady used to look so smart that I had made up my mind that I will become a dentist!

After sometime, when I was in 8th standard, a news anchor fascinated me by her style and I thought, not dentist but I will become a news anchor or a reporter and it lasted for a longer time. My mother used to always tease me that no wonder, after sometime you will say that you want to become the Prime Minister of India! 😀 I used to reply mischievously…”Who knows” 😀

Right now, I am in the profession of Social Work and development. I think, am not much near to my dreams which I had once longed for but not that far from the dream of becoming a reporter as I think, even media personalities work to help the people by making them aware about what is going wrong and shows them the actual truth and a Social Work too helps people and works for their development by assisting them in fulfilling their needs as and when required. So….I am satisfied with what I am doing right now!


Dreams come and go but what stays with us is the reality!


Futures Past


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