Into The Wilds of Kerala

South India’s State of Kerala, where nature actually exists in its truest form! With greenery spread all over, tree covered green mountains, flowing sparkling rivers and chirping birds! A complete package for you to win your peace of mind again back to you!

Though all the places in Kerala are awesome and beautiful but am gonna recommend that you must visit Periyar National Wildlife Sanctuary. Its a national park and a Tiger Reserve. The beauty here is mesmerizing, trust me! Not only you will get to explore variety of vegetation but also you’re set to face the variety of animals and wildlife!

I was told by my guide that this sanctuary is spread over 777 square Kilometers! There is a beautiful man-made lake in the midst of this sanctuary which makes it look all the more picturesque. Tourists can enjoy the boating experience in this lake which is surrounded by dense forest.

Face-Off with the Wilds:

Though I didn’t get to meet the Tiger ( 😦 ) but spotted Elephants, Wild Cow, Bear. You may also spot Leopard, Deers and many more if you’re lucky!

Roaming Around:

The best option to explore the Sanctuary is to ride on an Elephant, which is also very famous option here! You may get trained Elephants easily to explore the Sanctuary, but there is one another fabulous option and that is a Motor Boat ride in the lake and I opted for the second one 😀 It was a mind-blowing experience trust me!

Nearby Places to explore:

There are some awesome places to visit around the Periyar Sanctuary which includes Krusoi Island (19 Kilometer) , Mankabla (10 Kilometer) All these places will give you an out of the world experience as if you are on the lap of Mother Nature!

Kerala is famous for its spices, so don’t forget to buy some!

Hope you like it!

Will keep you posted!

Love! ❤




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