Life Alive and Unplugged

What is life? Ever wondered why we have come in this world? Is it with a special reason or a responsibility given to us?

Why do some of us fail to do even the simplest work or manage even the simplest relationships? A ll these questions cloud my mind whenever I look up in the sky to find out if He – The God is up there and looking at me? I don’t find him up-there but still I look up maybe someday I will get a glimpse of Him!

Our life is a box full of joy but only if we explore it right…moving in right direction, attaining peace within our own self because we won’t find this Peace outside in any worldly thing but within our own self! It is sitting and hiding inside Me and You…yes!

We need to find it…let’s find Peace by starting a journey within….by closing our eyes…sitting in a lonely place and not thinking anything at all…just let the thoughts flow in whichever direction they go…and you will find a glimpse of Peace a little feel of Peace…do it, you will surely feel it! I have done this and felt it!

Will keep you posted..

Love! ❤




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