Because It’s My Birthday…

Friends, today is my birthday! I wanted to share with you all since, we have become a kind of family…though I didn’t have a blog post planned for today…but….it’s been a while since I posted something…hence thought why not post it today. Actually my Term End Exams of MSW are going on…so been a lot busy (being a book-worm 😀 )

So, today…I’m expecting to get some good wishes and some wishes to get true!  Well not some…there are many! 🙂 For eg. a Mac Book Air…my all time wish you know!

Got a good greet-up as I got off from my bed in the morning by my Mom and Dad! I love them a lot! Hoping that this year of mine will be full of happiness, love, high achievements and many more good things….Amen!

Will keep you posted…(today’s post is short, since I have to have a lots of fun today…it’s my Birthday 😀 )

Till then…take care!

Love! ❤



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