Live on a Tree, Explore Yourself

Ever wished for living on a tree in nests like a bird? If yes, then your wish is granted! I’ve discovered a Tree House Resort, located at Delhi Jaipur highway in India which has got everything to give peace to your soul and mind…away from the hustle-bustle of the running city, this place is surely going to give you that feel of going back thousands of years when humans used to live in a forest!

This place is absolutely covered with greens, plants trees all around it…a complete Jungle experience! The concept of the “The Tree House Resort” has been inspired by none other than the greatest and the most original artist- the mother nature itself. To remove the urban bred straight into the forests would be doing a great dis-service to the cause of promoting nature. The idea behind The Tree House Resort must have been to bring the tired urban mind, body and soul into the heart of pristine nature without taking away anything from them that has been part of their routine urban existence.

The Tree Houses are therefore a blend of modernity and comfort in the heart of pristine nature- air- conditioned accommodation, wi- fi, satellite televisions and plasma TVs, luxurious and grand living with all the trappings that one is used to in its urban existence- and all this atop live green trees. The Tree House are simply and literally – nests of utmost luxury. The modern comforts fade immediately in the face of the pleasure of experiencing the singing group of birds right outside your window on the tree tops, or the view of the enchanting blossoming of the flowers in all their hues. Not surprising that most of their esteemed guests have come to The Tree Houses and discovered ” nature” , and in turn re-discovered themselves.

This place is packed with natural beauty which reflects at its every nook and corner but what is more unique is that they have used water as a medium to spread peace. There is a pool in which big frog statue pour water from a certain height and the sound that echoes makes you feel as if you are sitting beside a waterfall if you close your eyes! Not only does the resort break away from the hustle bustle of the urban life and puts you in the lap of nature, if also offers a myriad of facilities to assure a complete experience for all!

It offers a good variety of food and also you can explore the nearby jungle which houses animals like desert fox, Wolfs, and many other variety of birds such as Kingfisher, Peacock etc. and if you’re lucky enough then you may spot a Tiger, but that’s very rare

If you want to spend your vacation on the lap of mother nature with all the modern facilities, then this place won’t disappoint you. I leave now you with some awesome clicks that gives an insight to the beauty of this resort. Check ’em out!

Restaurant View

Eagle Suit View

Taruveda Spa

Your personal balcony

Beautiful architecture


Hope you’ve enjoyed the post!

Will keep you posted!

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