Nomadically Right

We hear a lot of things about a nomadic lifestyle and these days, it has become a new trend to become a Digital Nomad! Working while traveling to some cool places and not just confiding to your desk and chair. This sort of living gives you all that you wish for; freedom to choose from where you work, fun, happiness and an opportunity to live a life of your dream. Life has never been so easy as it has become these days for the ones who have realized what they actually want from their life – Money or living their dreams or both?

Why to compromise when you can have both money and an opportunity to live and chase your dreams while having lots of fun! Nomadic lifestyle has changed the whole trend and more and more people are joining in this new bunch!

Well, frankly speaking, the beginning might not be very easy, it could be tough as there are a lot of challenges posed in the way of becoming a Digital Nomad. For e.g. Where to start? How to start? How to find a good remote job or how to build a start up? All these are the big and important questions which one must be clear about before starting this journey.

I too, am right now in the beginning phase, where I am rationalizing all these things. I am these days struggling hard to find a good paid remote job for myself in order to strike a start. There are many websites featuring remote jobs such as, content creator, blogger or social media manager and I’ve applied in for many such jobs…the results are awaited. I’ve started it all six months back when I realized that I want both! Money and an opportunity to live my dreams while having lots of fun and meeting up with new people and exploring different cultures around the globe. I’m hopeful that soon somebody will offer me a good remote job.

When your heart and mind both crave for fun, chasing your dreams, exploring new cultures and lifestyles, meeting people with variety of background, want to earn good amount of money and also you know you’ve got good skills like writing Blogs, Creating good content, Marketing skills and so on…You only have to keep adding up skills or rather I would say you only have to keep adding different feathers in your cap and you’ll be recognized more and the chances for you standing out of the crowd increases!

So next time, don’t be amazed if you find yourself working from a office somewhat like this…till then be hopeful and keep finding your type of remote job and keep the journey of becoming a digital nomad going!

Cheers! πŸ™‚


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