Life of A Pie

Invited by a friend of mine for a brunch and chit-chat, I reached her place. As I stepped inside the house, very sweet smell welcomed me and my senses started giving out an indication to me that something very delicious is on its way!

Me and my friend, Sneha had a goofy conversation with bitching about some other guys and girls…but my heart and my mind was waiting for that delicious smelling dish. After having a good meal, now was the time for the wait to get over and Sneha appeared with that special mystery thing – It was an Apple Pie…I never had it before and was curious enough to munch on it…As I was handed over that little piece…I took its first took me on a sweet tasteful ride of awesome flavors and within a minute…the journey was over! Wow was the first word came out of my mouth as I finished it and that very moment I realized how much short the “Life Of A Pie” is….   🙂

Will keep you posted ’bout more such experiences of mine!!

Love! ❤


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2 thoughts on “Life of A Pie

  1. Rob Bade says:

    And apple pie is SO common here in the U.S.. There is even an expression: “As American as apple pie”. Perhaps there will be a new expression: “As Indian as apple pie”.

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