A Way Towards Reality

I believe, life is a combination of both right and wrong. One can’t be absolutely wrong or perfectly right, isn’t? But still, we, I mean most of us, tend to prove ourselves right all the time and convince others and even our own self that whatever we do or have done is right and not wrong at all! We don’t want to admit our mistakes but when it comes to another person, we try to prove that whatever wrong has been done, its by the other person only and blame them for the drastic situation. We prove that they are absolutely wrong.

I think, human beings are a perfect combination of the rights and wrongs and this is the real beauty of the world. In my view, we must try our level best to take our self towards the reality, towards the truth.

It’s better not to pretend if you don’t want to repent!

What you think?

Will keep you posted!

Love!Β  πŸ™‚


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2 thoughts on “A Way Towards Reality

  1. Rob Bade says:

    I was at a meeting on Tuesday evening and three of the attendees felt they were right about an issue. What ensued was a shouting match with no one winning. It was very upsetting to watch, especially knowing, what they were arguing about was very minor.

    Again, well written Divya.

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