The Timeless Time

Since ages, time is known to be very precious. It is famous for its bluntness at times!

I believe, that time is that thing which motivates you to move ahead. It shows us the true mirror in terms of how much we have achieved or how much we could have…

Most of the time, time comes before time! Confusing, isn’t? But yes, it does. For example, when somebody very close to us, comes to meet us, stays with us & when he/she prepares to go back we think to our-self, that time of saying goodbye has come too soon….isn’t? It happens, ‘m sure most you must’ve been through this time.

When I look back, I most of the time think that I could’ve achieved some more or how nice it would’ve been if I had said yes to that proposal…also I ask to myself that when that particular thing will happen, for which I’ve been waiting since years…then suddenly this thought comes in my mind that it all happens according to the time. When the right time will come, all pending tasks & dreams will come true.

Its all a matter of TIME!!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚





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