I Love You…..Like Really??

Very often, we see people falling in love. In just two or three meetings they start loving each  other ! Strange…isn’t? I mean they even confess it so bluntly that yes, I love you so much….can’t live without you!

I mean are these four words so simple to say or quote? or is it so simple to be in love? If you ask me then my answer will be No!

Love is a very difficult & very miraculous thing to happen…its not that general that people have made it…Finding true love is very difficult.

To me, when I see people confessing love every now and then, seems insulting this beautiful & pious feeling. I think, more respect should be paid towards this God’s gift to human beings instead of giving name of Love to your every fraction of attraction or flirtatious move.

When you are in love, you simply don’t need to confess it also…it shows that you are in Love.

Stay Blessed, Be Awesome!





One thought on “I Love You…..Like Really??

  1. Ravindra says:

    According to me when it’s come to love. Love is natural phenomenon n it can be happen to you any time with any person at any conditions. Love is all about feelings that’s all. Likes your thoughts. 🙂 🙂


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