Draw The Line

Most of the time, we tend to forget the limitations of our relationships or to be more precise, we really don’t pay attention towards them.

We most of the time flow with flow of moment which most of the times (if not all the time) turns out to be one of our biggest mistake! Yes & then we think…how nice it would’ve been if I had judged this person or that situation earlier?

So the thing is, we should be aware of the limitation of our particular relationship & we should be able enough to draw the line if somebody is crossing his/her limits. A step taken in the beginning only will make rest of the time more relaxing. Stop yourself from flowing with the flow of moment, you will become the most happier person, trust me…your inner conscience will stop you & you have to stop their itself & thats it! Half of the problems of your life automatically blow away with this step.

Its better to be strong

Then to be a puppet in the hands of time!!

All The Best! 🙂





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