The Timeless Time

Since ages, time is known to be very precious. It is famous for its bluntness at times!

I believe, that time is that thing which motivates you to move ahead. It shows us the true mirror in terms of how much we have achieved or how much we could have…

Most of the time, time comes before time! Confusing, isn’t? But yes, it does. For example, when somebody very close to us, comes to meet us, stays with us & when he/she prepares to go back we think to our-self, that time of saying goodbye has come too soon….isn’t? It happens, ‘m sure most you must’ve been through this time.

When I look back, I most of the time think that I could’ve achieved some more or how nice it would’ve been if I had said yes to that proposal…also I ask to myself that when that particular thing will happen, for which I’ve been waiting since years…then suddenly this thought comes in my mind that it all happens according to the time. When the right time will come, all pending tasks & dreams will come true.

Its all a matter of TIME!!Β  πŸ™‚





I Love You…..Like Really??

Very often, we see people falling in love. In just two or three meetings they start loving eachΒ  other ! Strange…isn’t? I mean they even confess it so bluntly that yes, I love you so much….can’t live without you!

I mean are these four words so simple to say or quote? or is it so simple to be in love? If you ask me then my answer will be No!

Love is a very difficult & very miraculous thing to happen…its not that general that people have made it…Finding true love is very difficult.

To me, when I see people confessing love every now and then, seems insulting this beautiful & pious feeling. I think, more respect should be paid towards this God’s gift to human beings instead of giving name of Love to your every fraction of attraction or flirtatious move.

When you are in love, you simply don’t need to confess it also…it shows that you are in Love.

Stay Blessed, Be Awesome!




Draw The Line

Most of the time, we tend to forget the limitations of our relationships or to be more precise, we really don’t pay attention towards them.

We most of the time flow with flow of moment which most of the times (if not all the time) turns out to be one of our biggest mistake! Yes & then we think…how nice it would’ve been if I had judged this person or that situation earlier?

So the thing is, we should be aware of the limitation of our particular relationship & we should be able enough to draw the line if somebody is crossing his/her limits. A step taken in the beginning only will make rest of the time more relaxing. Stop yourself from flowing with the flow of moment, you will become the most happier person, trust me…your inner conscience will stop you & you have to stop their itself & thats it! Half of the problems of your life automatically blow away with this step.

Its better to be strong

Then to be a puppet in the hands of time!!

All The Best! πŸ™‚




Make Way For The Happiness

At the core of your lips

Yes, there in the sides

There a very beautiful

Happiness resides

Without wearing it

You are not you

For it is in actual

Truer than true

Stretch your lips

Stretch a little more

It will make you feel good

Till your heart’s core

Nothing is as special

Not even a million’s business

Your smile is priceless

Make way for happiness



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Distance Doesn’t Really Matter!

Distance doesn’t really matters….we tend to make excuses to others ….sometimes to ourselves too but the truth is that distance is not a big thing…

No matter where you are, what you do….all that matters is the good intention…the positive intention to reach out to the one you want….you will find the ways on your own….nature will guide you, for sure!

So, I believe Distance is the smaller one & Intentions are much big!




In New Year

It’s a new day

It’s a new year

Have no regrets

Leave your fear

Time has taken another turn

Entering into next phase

Let those ideas churn

Your dreams are here to chase

Don’t carry forward

The pain of past

Put your happiness first

Let sorrows be last

Make this year

The time of your dreams

Write your success story

With a different theme



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