The Real Christmas

Hey so…!! Christmas is round the corner…I can almost listen Santa’s ho!ho!ho! & his bells….

Each one of you must be having some big party plans for this time…making it even bigger then last time, isn’t? Go for it….it is the time to forget all our frustrations & worries & be in the mood of fun ‘n’ frolick ‘n’ drooling & what not!!!

But my dear dear friends, I only urge you to spend just an hour for those who don’t have any hope left to spend this festive season in a joyful mode…whose smiles have left them, who don’t have enough money to spend….who now even don’t think ’bout the Santa too!

This Christmas, try to become a SANTA for the needy ones, give them gifts, joy, smile, happiness, wipe their tears…trust me it will be your BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!! You never know if a poor kid must’ve hanged his torn stocking in the backyard of his house for Santa to fill in some goodies for him, why not you assist Santa in this job??

Think ‘Bout It!

Till then….Merry Christmas Everybody…….!!!!!!

HO! HO! HO! HO! HO!!!!!!!





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