Mysteryful World

Sitting by the shore

looking at the tide

My mind took me away

Far away from time

Millions of people

Still I feel lonely

As if am born

With myself only

Seasons come and go

People pass by

I belong nobody

Maybe I don’t try

This whole world

Is like a mystery for me

Sometimes its about the people

Sometimes its only about me



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We- The Girls!

Listen up Ladies! No need to feel low

Don’t you ever feel down

Let people talk about you

Let them frown

You’re your own boss

You know how to behave

Its your wish to move out and charm

To throw flying-kisses or waive 

No, you will not be prompted

Nor you will get bothered

Why its only you to worry

And take care of what matter?

Let people know about your power

Speak for what you want

Gather that strength in you

Don’t let those gang of men haunt

Open your feathers

Fly high in the sky

Life only come once to you

Don’t waste it by being shy


-Poetry, 2014

All rights reserved.

Nectar Of Gita

My following Poem is a poetic version of famous Indian Scripture “Bhagwad Gita’s” Verse, which is mentioned in the picture – A poetic version of this “Shloka” as follows: In Gita, Lord Krishna tells his Friend Arjuna that:

O dear Arjuna!

Don’t you feel confused.

Just keep playing your role

And let go which is of no use

Keep ‘ME’ within ‘You’

Do all your work

Don’t worry about result

As all you will get is jerk

Keep moving, Keep going

Don’t stop for even a while

There is a lot to be done

You have to cover miles

Don’t get involved in work

But work with all your heart

Don’t be a part of it

But make it your own part.



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Cheesy Talks

The party has just started bright

With wishes and good looks

People are coming over

With their face like a suspense book


I called them book

As they are really like that

At times they make you go silent

And sometimes they distract


There are sounds of laughter

Some gushing sounds too

Some couples are sitting silent

As if thinking to speak with whom


The cork of champagne went up

And took my thoughts away

I got up from my couch

To mix this moment with pray


Soon the hall was filled with smiles

Shine of moves and slow walks

And I continued looking at people

Getting busy with cheesy talks!



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