The Dukkish Wisdom- Live The Present

Two ducks were swimming in the pond, suddenly they started fighting…this fight couldn’t last for long and they went away and started sailing in different direction and then they both shrugged their wings! In this way, they ousted the extra energy which produced during their fight. After shrugging their wings, they sailed peacefully as if nothing has happened!

Just imagine, if these ducks have had the mind of human beings they they definitely would have continued this fight. After even the end too, they would’ve kept it alive in the form of a story in their heart. Then, after moving away, ducks would have thought like this,” don’t know, what does she think of herself! Is there her name is written on the pond? She doesn’t care about me even a bit….even I live in this pond! I will not trust her from now onwards. I know, still she must be doing a conspiracy against me..but I won’t tolerate this, I will teach her such lesson that she will remember for long….!

Like this, a ducks human mind must have been weaving stories and must have kept on thinking about it. The ego must have become as strong as mountain.

Sadly, but most of the people live such kind of life only. They only live in their world of ‘I’, ‘ME’, ‘MYSELF’…their ego becomes so big that they are unable to see the TRUTH! We all need to wait and listen the teaching of nature, our inner voice. A duck gave us the lesson that shrug your wings, means; let go of your PAST and come back in PRESENT….This PRESENT on which we have our HOLD!




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