Save Woman From Woman

Now this sounds a bit weird , isn’t? But the truth is this only! A woman needs to be saved from a woman only. Yes, there are man who are always looking around to exploit a girl or to play with her emotions…BUT! Still, the biggest enemy of a Girl is a Girl….biggest exploiter of a Woman is a Woman….biggest challenger of a Female is a Female!

We hear and read lots of incidents of domestic violence, a girl is burnt for she did not bring enough dowry to stuff the mouth of her in-laws but did you ever gave a thought that who actually is behind all this….the mastermind, yes….who is the mastermind? In 95% cases, you will always find a female behind it. In the form of Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Grandmother-in-law and so on….they actually provoke men to take some really harsh and dangerous steps…No, I am not saying that men are very innocent and gentle, yes they do have devilish mentality or thoughts but if a Mother, or a Sister will stand-up against the violence and will say No to them…they can never even think of beating their wife. This is the difference and power of females! But unfortunately they provoke men instead of stopping them….

At home, a girl is told that you have to learn house-hold work , sewing, knitting, cooking, cleaning etc. For them a Mother, yes a mother only puts restriction on their studies. According to them, a girl must know household chores first, education may take a back seat as per them, it is the Boys who must study and make career!! A female only being partial towards her daughter! Yes, some fathers do this too, but again, if a mother make her mind and be determined that she will get her daughter studied and make her independent then nobody can stop her but they too drag their girls at home only and give more support and love to their son….it is such a horrible irony!

That is why a woman must be saved from a woman FIRST!




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