Walk Away!

We all must try to make things alright with eachother; in our relations, friendship, love, marriage but if they don’t come up as positive….walking away is the best option.

What is the use of just dragging a relationship which is of no use to on your shoulders? If you do that then let me tell you that you are doing an injustice with you, for which even God will not forgive! You can be your own friend, your very own guide…yes, just listen to your conscience and you will find the path…the right path my friend!

The problem is we never let our inner voice come out till our ears so that we may listen to it, hear it and the result is either we wander in search of a guide, or get emotionally dependent on someone or take completely wrong decision for which we repent. So, learn to be more brave and walk-off, walk-away from painful relationships, trust me that you will feel much stronger.

May God Bless You All and give you the power to choose the right path!




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