A Tribute To Bapu

A Tribute To The Pioneer of Peace…..Bapu- Our Father of The Nation.

It is not with gun

It is not with sword

This war will be won

Only with Peace


A piece of me

A piece of you

Is all sufficient

To make a world, whole new!


Come my friend

Give me your hand

Up to miles we will walk

No arms there will be

Just peaceful talks


Love thy humanity

Let’s make a new way

No, don’t just follow me

Have your own say!


Why so much separation?

For there are generations to come

Its there right to spring up

Don’t force them to be mum!


Yes, its human nature

To get angry and to shun

But isn’t it his duty

To put roses above guns?


-A Tribute In Mahatmaji’s Feet.



All Rights Reserved.


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