People, today I am sharing something really from my heart…..straight!

I am really confused about one thing; why every job advertisement comes up with a job requiring a lot of experience! I mean that’s not fair….if a person who is not having an experience but is good at that particular job than it should belong to him……! Afterall intelligence and creativity is also pretty much important for any sort of work. And moreover, if a person has not got the job and been searching and searching for it then you tell me how he/she will secure an experience? If I am not being given chance at all then how come I will have an experience?

Same goes to those asking for heavy degrees…..Tell me one thing, can we measure intelligence only from marks and degrees? answer is NO! A person who is not having blingy degrees could be the most intelligent and creative person in himself!

My point is that people must be judged by their intelligence and creativity not just by degrees and experience…degrees and good marks could be earned by merely mugging up any lesson but intelligence is god-gifted and very precious. A chance must be given ! ( If anybody outhere actually believes in intelligence and creativity and could offer a wonderful job..then I am waiting….do knock-in here!! )Β  πŸ™‚Β  πŸ™‚




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