The Dukkish Wisdom- Live The Present

Two ducks were swimming in the pond, suddenly they started fighting…this fight couldn’t last for long and they went away and started sailing in different direction and then they both shrugged their wings! In this way, they ousted the extra energy which produced during their fight. After shrugging their wings, they sailed peacefully as if nothing has happened!

Just imagine, if these ducks have had the mind of human beings they they definitely would have continued this fight. After even the end too, they would’ve kept it alive in the form of a story in their heart. Then, after moving away, ducks would have thought like this,” don’t know, what does she think of herself! Is there her name is written on the pond? She doesn’t care about me even a bit….even I live in this pond! I will not trust her from now onwards. I know, still she must be doing a conspiracy against me..but I won’t tolerate this, I will teach her such lesson that she will remember for long….!

Like this, a ducks human mind must have been weaving stories and must have kept on thinking about it. The ego must have become as strong as mountain.

Sadly, but most of the people live such kind of life only. They only live in their world of ‘I’, ‘ME’, ‘MYSELF’…their ego becomes so big that they are unable to see the TRUTH! We all need to wait and listen the teaching of nature, our inner voice. A duck gave us the lesson that shrug your wings, means; let go of your PAST and come back in PRESENT….This PRESENT on which we have our HOLD!




Save Woman From Woman

Now this sounds a bit weird , isn’t? But the truth is this only! A woman needs to be saved from a woman only. Yes, there are man who are always looking around to exploit a girl or to play with her emotions…BUT! Still, the biggest enemy of a Girl is a Girl….biggest exploiter of a Woman is a Woman….biggest challenger of a Female is a Female!

We hear and read lots of incidents of domestic violence, a girl is burnt for she did not bring enough dowry to stuff the mouth of her in-laws but did you ever gave a thought that who actually is behind all this….the mastermind, yes….who is the mastermind? In 95% cases, you will always find a female behind it. In the form of Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law, Grandmother-in-law and so on….they actually provoke men to take some really harsh and dangerous steps…No, I am not saying that men are very innocent and gentle, yes they do have devilish mentality or thoughts but if a Mother, or a Sister will stand-up against the violence and will say No to them…they can never even think of beating their wife. This is the difference and power of females! But unfortunately they provoke men instead of stopping them….

At home, a girl is told that you have to learn house-hold work , sewing, knitting, cooking, cleaning etc. For them a Mother, yes a mother only puts restriction on their studies. According to them, a girl must know household chores first, education may take a back seat as per them, it is the Boys who must study and make career!! A female only being partial towards her daughter! Yes, some fathers do this too, but again, if a mother make her mind and be determined that she will get her daughter studied and make her independent then nobody can stop her but they too drag their girls at home only and give more support and love to their son….it is such a horrible irony!

That is why a woman must be saved from a woman FIRST!



Happy Diwali!

Today is Deepawali, the most famous festival of Hindus in India. All the preparations at home are done! Lighting, decorations, sweets and gifts have been bought and distributed to some.

Its a very magical festival, you get to see lights and brightness everywhere! It seems as if we have been landed to a planet of Lights! Everything seems so good and happiness dances everywhere leaving you smile and giggle.

On this day, what is most important is that we must light up our heart and soul. We should let enter the light of Hope, Humanity, Trust and faith and must wash of the dirt such as, negativity, ill-feelings, hatred etc. Trust me, then your Deewali will become the most special of all!




Celebration of Lights!

Twinkles and lights

Shining more bright,

Gifts and chocolates

All packed with delight

Boom of crackers

Party sound of tappers,

Wishing and praying

People meeting with eachother

Glitter of Gold

Some new, some old,

The moment has come

With a joy to behold

Shine of silver

Wine of happiness

Just be clever

Gulp it with readiness

Game of gamble

Money to scramble

Don’t worry about it

Just be ready to handle

Magic of spirit

Festival of Deepawali is here!

With Joy and excitement

Let no one be spared!



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Walk Away!

We all must try to make things alright with eachother; in our relations, friendship, love, marriage but if they don’t come up as positive….walking away is the best option.

What is the use of just dragging a relationship which is of no use to on your shoulders? If you do that then let me tell you that you are doing an injustice with you, for which even God will not forgive! You can be your own friend, your very own guide…yes, just listen to your conscience and you will find the path…the right path my friend!

The problem is we never let our inner voice come out till our ears so that we may listen to it, hear it and the result is either we wander in search of a guide, or get emotionally dependent on someone or take completely wrong decision for which we repent. So, learn to be more brave and walk-off, walk-away from painful relationships, trust me that you will feel much stronger.

May God Bless You All and give you the power to choose the right path!



What I Am?

I am what I am

A leaf or just a stem!

Maybe a flower..

Which has got beauty and power!

Power to attract

And a beauty to distract

But I am something more than this

This is not the only fact

Slowly and steadily

I am making world drool about

About me, myself

But still,

I am, what I am…



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With Memories

Memories are always with us….within us. We make them live in us! No matter how much pain we have had in that one moment but we still revive that and feel the pain….its kind of craziness!

I happen to visit a city called Karnal in Haryana, India. I went there 1yr back as my sister use to live there, now she is in some other city. So, when I went there, a kind of blanket of good-old-memos covered me up. I went to every single place where I went with my sis and it was all so nostalgic….I can’t really explain…got reminded of every moment there.

I sometimes think why do moments pass…? But the best thing about memories is that they never die! It’s really true that, “Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories” This particular second , when I am writing will become a memory tomorrow….what a God’s rule it is!



NewYork You Have It All!

Buzzing streets

Rushing feets

Fashion chicks

Cheesy tricks

New york is an awesome pick!

Hum drums of lights

Building new heights

Beautiful faces

Tips and traces

New York has got chases!

Making new friends

Setting new trends

Kissing and gushing

Speaking and Hushing

New York is always rushing!

It is a city

That’s never on pity

It welcomes all

Big or small

Glitz and glamour

Style and feather

New York New York…you have it all!!



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A Tribute To Bapu

A Tribute To The Pioneer of Peace…..Bapu- Our Father of The Nation.

It is not with gun

It is not with sword

This war will be won

Only with Peace


A piece of me

A piece of you

Is all sufficient

To make a world, whole new!


Come my friend

Give me your hand

Up to miles we will walk

No arms there will be

Just peaceful talks


Love thy humanity

Let’s make a new way

No, don’t just follow me

Have your own say!


Why so much separation?

For there are generations to come

Its there right to spring up

Don’t force them to be mum!


Yes, its human nature

To get angry and to shun

But isn’t it his duty

To put roses above guns?


-A Tribute In Mahatmaji’s Feet.



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