Let There Be Peace

Hey people!

Why do you fight?

You think like this

You can make your future bright?


Feeling of hatred

Giving pain to others

Lots of bloodshed

And crying mothers


What is it

That you want

Just some money

And power to flaunt!


Where has your mercy gone?

Where is your heart?

Why are you yelling upon?

Going all apart!


Stop for a while

Listen your inner voice

Make people smile

Go for a noble choice


You will not get anything

From war and disaster

Just stop what is happening

Don’t try to become a master


Just to satisfy your ego

Don’t kill thousands of lives

For one day even you’ll have to go

Leaving all, even your own life


Spread the word of peace

Explore the world of joy

We are all sailing in the same boat

And each-one is God’s own toy!



Poetry, 2014

All Rights Reserved.


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