When Creativity Meets Divyaa



This is my creation….thought of trying my hands on sketching and it came out like this….

How do you find these? I am thinking of coming out with more stuff like this!!!



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I Cherish You


Some cherish old

Some cherish new

But I am a bit different

I only cherish you


You are the best thing

Ever happened to my life

I think you are to me

Like a God’s precious prize


With you I can be

What actually I am

Believe on my words, they are true

Don’t take them as a spam


I wonder why nature

Kept us away for so long

As life with you is just like

Singing a beautiful song





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And if you are not ready to change then that means you’ve not learned anything! Because learning brings in a change in us….it changes our actions and ways to do anything…isn’t?

Think About It!



It’s Okay!


I agree to this completely! I mean you can’t be perfect all the time for you are not GOD! And when you are not GOD why do you try to pose such? You can’t always be happy and smiling all the time….everyone has got his or her own time when they feel low and sad or face failure but that’s OK! For you are only a human being and no human is PERFECT.



Simple Pleasures


Today in the morning

As I woke up

I decided to be happy always

And never give up


I promised to myself

I will never be sad

I will try to make all good

And neglect the bad


I have decided

To live simple pleasures

Now I am not ready

To waste such treasure


If happiness can’t find us

Let us find happiness

Why to sit still and dumb

We must show our readiness


Life can be awesome

This came to me all through

You can make your own life

All you need is to be true





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Life’s Mantra


Thats absolutely true! That is why it is said that a person is best examined at the time when he is having nothing and also when he has got everything!

A person who manages to keep his moral values intact and morale high at the time of difficulties can achieve a lot and is very much respectable.

Same goes in the situation when he has got everything and still behaves in a really polite and elegant manner with everyone and understands other person’s problem and pain and also tries to help…Such a kind of person becomes dear of all!

Stupid Blame Game

Yes!! That’s so true! I mean it looks so funny when people blame every time others for their problems. They keep on insulting the other one by saying and sobbing, “hey….you ditched me! hey you did this….you did that! One step ahead…they go on and try to judge and blame you saying…hey you can ditch your parents also for anything…..you are shameless and blah! blah! blah!

I mean who has given them this right! And very interestingly, they think….OOOO I am so pure….I worship God daily….I have a very pure heart!

You tell me friends, can that person have a pure and clear heart who blames others every time, insults them and becomes judgmental?  Tell me, please your views are needed.



Wait never gets over

Times get over

But wait comes more closer

It never gets over!


Morning waits for night

Night waits for morning

Darkness waits for light

Cry waits for smiling


Going waits for coming

Heart waits for loving

A tourist waits for exploring

Somebody waits for nothing!


Child waits for anything

A lover waits for a meeting

Work waits for a checking

Money waits for hacking


World waits for peace

An ‘I’ waits for ‘WE’

A being waits for humanity

Humanity waits for care


*It seems everything is just waiting and waiting for something or the other….nonstop, free-flowing….and this wait never gets over, after something then other and so on…….strange!