The Life Express

Life sometimes, in fact most of the times seems to be like a Train! It is a kind of train only and we all are passengers, traveling along ; sometimes with friends and family and sometimes, all alone…..

This train is always in motion, never stands still….we at times feel like as if it has stood still but that’s not true, it keeps on going and moving….it never stops for anybody…no matter what happens…

It passes through different stations and junctions of Joy, Sorrows, Happiness, Fear, Pain, Love, Affection and so on and we feel all of them but there also it never comes on halt on any station….it keeps on moving and thus, we cope up even with the biggest sorrow or pain of our life.

The only ticket you must have to travel in this train is Courage and Confidence.

So, the trick is to keep on moving with the LIFE EXPRESS and enjoy its adventurous ride without any hatred and pain in heart!




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