Being in Conflicts


It amazes me, how people keep on raising bad feelings in their hearts for another person! It surprises me when someone says that I won’t forgive him or her till the last breath of my life!! Isn’t very weird? How can you continuously hate someone so much that you can’t forgive him till the end of your life?

This at times feel as if your heart is not a heart, it is a kind of dustbin where you are throwing all dirty things and you are not ready to clean it! A point then will come that you will start stinking and people will stay away from such persons. What is the point of keeping fight always on! Yes, i do understand that there are some moments when you feel insulted or hurt by someone and you feel really bad and you get angry, then even you say some pinching words to him/her but that should be it! You must leave that moment, that fight there itself and move on…at least I always do this only….I mean what is the point of carrying a burden of such stupid moments forever?

In my family, the in-laws of my sister, they are like those people who believe in making their hearts dustbin. My brother-in-law, he has not spoken to us since 7-8 months! He says that he hates me, my mother and my father! His family never speaks to us and for no reason! Just because we say right to right makes them feel insulted. They always expect us to be in their service since our family’s daughter, my sister is married to their Son! In India, this happens but the thing is that you are not ready to walk two steps also! Why? My brother-in-law claims that he chants 1000 times God’s name but what is the point when you are keeping so much hatred in your heart for your Wife’s family! Its really surprising how such people claim that they are very religious and spiritual….I don’t understand their dual philosophy….





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