The Life Express

Life sometimes, in fact most of the times seems to be like a Train! It is a kind of train only and we all are passengers, traveling along ; sometimes with friends and family and sometimes, all alone…..

This train is always in motion, never stands still….we at times feel like as if it has stood still but that’s not true, it keeps on going and moving….it never stops for anybody…no matter what happens…

It passes through different stations and junctions of Joy, Sorrows, Happiness, Fear, Pain, Love, Affection and so on and we feel all of them but there also it never comes on halt on any station….it keeps on moving and thus, we cope up even with the biggest sorrow or pain of our life.

The only ticket you must have to travel in this train is Courage and Confidence.

So, the trick is to keep on moving with the LIFE EXPRESS and enjoy its adventurous ride without any hatred and pain in heart!




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The Indifferent People


Guys….life is very strange, I mean i find it really strange at times. We sometimes go so much far away from those people with whom we had spent some very good and happy moments of our lives. Misunderstandings, Ego, lack of communication or whatever it is…..its really a sad thing.

We, the human beings are always ok with loosing some very precious people but we are never ready to throw away our ego and that’s the biggest irony……I don’t know but I think our lives would have been more peaceful and joyful if this ego wouldn’t have been there…..It only leaves us lonely.




Shelf Of Memories


Just imagine… wonderful it would have been if we could take and collect all our memories, put them in a shelf with different labels….for example: sweet, bitter, sad, happy, loving, disheartening and so on…..and could take them out and live them over once again or watch over those moments once again!!! Isn’t?

But, this is how life goes…..doing this is impossible…that’s why it is said that “Time goes away and gone time never comes back.”



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God’s Own Party



Why to cry, for there is no season

Why to hate for there is no reason

What is important for now is peace

All conflicts must now be ceased


This world is so beautiful

We should be more dutiful

Towards it and to life

Giving the way to happiness to rise


Every soul is unique

Every soul is important

This world is God’s own party

And we all are here to attend


Let’s not spoil it by our messy deeds

We must do that which the life needs

We should try to make this party more beautiful

And must try to make for the coming generations, more fruitful…..




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Your Unspoken Words


So, that’s what you wanted to say to me that day

Though I knew, but

I didn’t want you to go away


I know it was hard for you as well

Leaving and going like that

In a state of confusing spell


I wanted to help you, but you didn’t stop

I kept on staring at you

From the hill side’s top


Precious were those moments

Which I spent with you

They keep knocking at my heart

By being, sometimes old and sometimes new.





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Being in Conflicts


It amazes me, how people keep on raising bad feelings in their hearts for another person! It surprises me when someone says that I won’t forgive him or her till the last breath of my life!! Isn’t very weird? How can you continuously hate someone so much that you can’t forgive him till the end of your life?

This at times feel as if your heart is not a heart, it is a kind of dustbin where you are throwing all dirty things and you are not ready to clean it! A point then will come that you will start stinking and people will stay away from such persons. What is the point of keeping fight always on! Yes, i do understand that there are some moments when you feel insulted or hurt by someone and you feel really bad and you get angry, then even you say some pinching words to him/her but that should be it! You must leave that moment, that fight there itself and move on…at least I always do this only….I mean what is the point of carrying a burden of such stupid moments forever?

In my family, the in-laws of my sister, they are like those people who believe in making their hearts dustbin. My brother-in-law, he has not spoken to us since 7-8 months! He says that he hates me, my mother and my father! His family never speaks to us and for no reason! Just because we say right to right makes them feel insulted. They always expect us to be in their service since our family’s daughter, my sister is married to their Son! In India, this happens but the thing is that you are not ready to walk two steps also! Why? My brother-in-law claims that he chants 1000 times God’s name but what is the point when you are keeping so much hatred in your heart for your Wife’s family! Its really surprising how such people claim that they are very religious and spiritual….I don’t understand their dual philosophy….




Learning from the Wilds

Wild Wisdom


An ant is a tiny thing, a mere speck crawling upon the ground. Most people might think there is little they could learn from such a seemingly insignificant creature. But in some ancient cultures, ants were venerated as productive and wise insects. Their teamwork and perseverance enabled the tiny animals to build grand cities, leading one medieval sage to advise his followers “to study and learn from the under-appreciated ant when planning any great endeavor.”

There is a lot that we can learn from the natural world.Researchers in Tanzania’s forests, for instance, are getting new leads on potentially useful medicinal plants by carefully watching what the native chimpanzees eat. These days, actual research work is being done in this direction not only philosophically but scientifically too! A kind of therapy takes place in the emerald waters off Florida, where children with severe brain disorders seem to find solace and companionship by swimming with captive dolphins.

Indeed, people have forever been fascinated by the wisdom they can gather by observing the animals around them. To pass along these lessons, nearly every culture has given animals a prominent place in its religion and folklore, from lord Ganesh, the wise elephant-headed god of India’s Hindus to the canny Brer Rabbit of American folk tales. Even our language is decorated with animal references, from “quiet as a mouse” and “crazy like a fox,” to “stubborn as a mule” and “eager beaver.”

In Native American lore, every animal has its own carefully considered personality and attributes. Southern tribes, for instance, considered alligators paragons of adaptability, able to survive on land or in water under the toughest conditions. Other tribes saw the butterfly as an important symbol of renewal, able to transform itself from caterpillar to flighted wonder seemingly overnight. The coyote is considered a prankster — a clever, pugnacious clown. But the wolf was a more serious animal, an example of loyalty and thoughtfulness.

Of course, not all cultures agree on the qualities that an animal is supposed to represent. While some cultures see rabbits as funny and clever, others consider them selfish and greedy. Similarly, while some northern peoples see the raven as a trickster and teacher, others attach darker meanings, seeing the raven as an omen of bad things to come. Even snakes, widely despised and feared as sneaky and unpredictable in many parts of the world, are honored elsewhere as stealthy and quick-witted. And cats and dogs — often considered poles apart in intelligence — are both seen as lazy and shiftless by some peoples.

The meanings people ascribe to animals says as much about the cultural values, attitudes, and environment of the people as the actual behavior of the animals. “An animal that may seem very wise to one person, may seem completely foolish to another. Sometimes, it’s just in the eye of the beholder.”




The Real Treasure


All our life, many of us are in search of treasure….in fact we have a curiosity of finding one, isn’t? But the real treasure is our CHARACTER, our PERSONALITY and HUMANITY towards others. The more we try to polish them the more richer we will be! These are very important in our life as these three things decide our FATE and direction of LIFE.

Let’s try to improve them day by day, minute by minute and second by second!