Chasing Life with Marriages



Marriage, is a kind of word when heard, a beautiful picture comes in our mind….a fairytale kind of a thing, a handsome boy or a beautiful and gorgeous girl….life would be like this….would be like that, full of happiness and things like that but for many of the people, the reality is quiet different; they land up cursing their decision of getting married. For that, especially in India, a very typical mentality is responsible where Parents of Boy always think that they are superior as if they have achieved something great in life after giving a birth to a boy….I mean how crazy this thinking is!

At the time of marriage they start doing bargaining with the parents of Girl….they open their mouth bigger and bigger to ask for lavish gifts like Car, designer clothes, gold jewellery, some cash and a big big fat wedding in short they ask for a BIG DOWRY! Yes this word has stolen the sanctity of marriages in India. Boy’s parents kind of try to earn the value which they’ve spent on their boy, over his studies etc. etc. from the parents of Bride…..I mean is it justified? Boys also to much extent are responsible as they don’t try to stop their parents and get ready to sell themselves of , yes…its like selling and purchasing, isn’t? After giving so much, the expectations are always from girl, that she should serve the family of boy, his parents must respect them fully come whatever may but the Boy is free…because he is a boy….what sort of justice is this? Shouldn’t he be equally responsible and must pay total and equal respect to his wife and her family and parents?

I have a personal experience. My elder sister got married 9yrs back and her husband (my brother-in-law) expects everything from my big sis….everything and my sister out of love and affection towards him is serving him and his entire family since 9yrs and look at the attitude of my brother-in-law…..he never speaks to us, never wishes us on any festival, no gifts from his side, always a rude behavior towards me and my parents, recently he unfriended me from Facebook also without any reason!! I mean is this kind of behavior is justified….but still we have to stay calm cause he is a boy, my sister’s husband so we must not say anything…..great customs, isn’t?

We, as the people of society must think….what are we doing and where are we going? Social evils like DOWRY must be disowned especially from the side of Boy, he should stand against this and say NO to this….I think today we the youngsters really need to pay attention towards this evil and must destroy this forever only then we will truly be able to say that “Marriages are made in heaven and soul-mates meet on Earth”





2 thoughts on “Chasing Life with Marriages

  1. Kanika says:

    divya u have said about facts even I am also seeing this in my surroundings I don’t know wats the problem in their mind if boy invested so much money in education then gal has also invested then y only gals should suffer…. rubbish and sick people.


    • divyaa68 says:

      Yes Kanika, actually this “Boy is superior” mentality needs to be changed. We all are equal born with equal rights and in such era people are still mingling with such stupid customs…..really disgusting.


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