Cup Full of Joy!




What is JOY? Nobody actually knows it properly…..and believe me……lives pass by and we fail to understand the actual meaning of JOY! We keep on waiting for something to happen to live those moments of JOY and at times we fail to catch those moments or even if they come they come for a very short period and after that again that miserable sort of life or boring schedule…. (sigh)

I personally believe that we must try to capture JOY in every little thing, every little moment, in everything, in flowers, in plants, looking at the road, while waiting on that traffic signal, going up or down in the lift of our building, sipping a cup of your favorite coffee, shopping from your nearby grocery store, walking in the garden or park, listening to the chirping of that little sparrow…..I mean everything….try to make every little or big thing your source of JOY and see the difference….Give it a try for only a day….right from the morning till night and let me know if it worked for you?

(It really is helping me, quite a lot if not fully but to a great extent! 🙂 )  




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