Be Thankful to LORD


How important these words are in actual? I would say very important. We tend to ask from God so many a kind of things, fulfillment of our desires, our wishes, to grant us achievement in life, to give us the love of our life, to give a good husband/wife, name, fame and the list goes on…..(very long list…isn’t?)

But we actually in the business of life forget things which are very important and which God gave us without even asking!!! Our LIFE! A chance to see another beautiful morning, a chance to live another day, another chance to be with the people we love & care for….we keep on thanking each other for small little favors we do for each other everyday but we  forget to say THANKS to our Lord- who is The Master of this whole Universe!! Strange but true!

Let’s make it a habit to thank our Lord each day for whatever he has given to us with open arms and cherish whatever we have and also try to make our lives better each day.


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