Chasing Life – The Women


Woman is one such creation of God, whom he has given everything in abundance……looks, intelligence, power of intuition, patience, emotions, caring attitude and the tests of her patience! Right! If we see in the real world, woman is tried every time…..expectations are really high from her as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife, as a lover, as a mother, as a daughter-in-law, she is being tried all the time.

Now when she is an independent one and walking at the same height as the male, she is not seen with good eyes. If a girl is modern and outgoing, people of the society, especially in India think oh….look she is not a good girl…..but why? I mean, if a girl is enjoying, she is bad and if a boy is enjoying then its ok because he is a boy…..this kind of attitude is intolerable!

Today in India and in many parts of the world, women and girls are becoming the victim of the cheap mentality of some dirty minded males, who think that women is a toy from which they can play and pass their time and have fun! They are making girls prey of their dirty needs and girls are facing sexual harassment at work place, sometimes their own friends ruin their dignity, sometimes at home by their own relatives (which is quiet shocking) Crimes like sexual & mental harassment, rape and domestic violence are at their peak against women. The safety of women and girls is at stake and they can’t live freely as every time some pair of dirty eyes is following her and looking out for one opportunity to use her and throw away!

What is more irritating to see is that for such crimes, girls dressing, attitude and clothing are held responsible! I mean, wow…now a girl can’t wear the clothes of her choice and can’t choose where to go and where not and they say that we are living in a democratic countries!!

I believe what needs to be changed is the mentality and upbringing of the boys and males. They must be taught, right from the beginning that they must respect girls and treat them with dignity. To stop the crimes against women and girls, it is required to give strict punishments to those who get involved in such crimes so as to set an example for others…it should be like a warning to others in whose mind such dirty plans are in process. They must have a fear of law in their heart. Females are an integral part of the society as without them continuation of life is not possible and in their absence this world would be like a flower without its scent. Hence, what needs to be done is give HER the wings of love, care, support and respect and SHE will fly higher in the sky of civilization and spread the colors of her achievements! 

My only message to all the GIRLS and WOMEN out there is, “Be the Heroine of your life, not the victim.”





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Chasing Life with Marriages



Marriage, is a kind of word when heard, a beautiful picture comes in our mind….a fairytale kind of a thing, a handsome boy or a beautiful and gorgeous girl….life would be like this….would be like that, full of happiness and things like that but for many of the people, the reality is quiet different; they land up cursing their decision of getting married. For that, especially in India, a very typical mentality is responsible where Parents of Boy always think that they are superior as if they have achieved something great in life after giving a birth to a boy….I mean how crazy this thinking is!

At the time of marriage they start doing bargaining with the parents of Girl….they open their mouth bigger and bigger to ask for lavish gifts like Car, designer clothes, gold jewellery, some cash and a big big fat wedding in short they ask for a BIG DOWRY! Yes this word has stolen the sanctity of marriages in India. Boy’s parents kind of try to earn the value which they’ve spent on their boy, over his studies etc. etc. from the parents of Bride…..I mean is it justified? Boys also to much extent are responsible as they don’t try to stop their parents and get ready to sell themselves of , yes…its like selling and purchasing, isn’t? After giving so much, the expectations are always from girl, that she should serve the family of boy, his parents must respect them fully come whatever may but the Boy is free…because he is a boy….what sort of justice is this? Shouldn’t he be equally responsible and must pay total and equal respect to his wife and her family and parents?

I have a personal experience. My elder sister got married 9yrs back and her husband (my brother-in-law) expects everything from my big sis….everything and my sister out of love and affection towards him is serving him and his entire family since 9yrs and look at the attitude of my brother-in-law…..he never speaks to us, never wishes us on any festival, no gifts from his side, always a rude behavior towards me and my parents, recently he unfriended me from Facebook also without any reason!! I mean is this kind of behavior is justified….but still we have to stay calm cause he is a boy, my sister’s husband so we must not say anything…..great customs, isn’t?

We, as the people of society must think….what are we doing and where are we going? Social evils like DOWRY must be disowned especially from the side of Boy, he should stand against this and say NO to this….I think today we the youngsters really need to pay attention towards this evil and must destroy this forever only then we will truly be able to say that “Marriages are made in heaven and soul-mates meet on Earth”




Chasing Life


Life for me has always been an unknown journey. It always surprise me! Whatever I think about myself, to do, to be, to go etc. etc. life makes an opposite of that……if not always but most of the time!

I, right from my school days wanted to be a journalist but landed up doing a Bachelor of Arts, after that too, I thought I will become a journalist only but then I decided to take a little break from my studies and didn’t do my Masters and after just 1yr only I applied for a Graduate Trainee post in a Life Insurance Co. which I never liked and what was more surprising for me was that I got selected in the written exam of it and got selected and after 2 months I found myself sitting on my desk in the office…..but as life insurance companies are here and typical female staff of that office irritated me and I resigned from the job after 1yr and 9 months!

Then again I sat back at home and started searching for some good job and after 9 months got selected for the post of an English Conversation teacher in a Sr.Secondary School…..did I said school? Yes in a school, and that too as a teacher….I mean I never liked being a teacher and I became a teacher, teaching little ones and adolescents Spoken English and Mannerism! But as my life has some problems with me… takes me to another path after just 2 yrs, I resigned from this job also….though I was really sad as kids really loved me there…and ya while teaching I took admission in B.ed and completed it with First division!

Now, at present I am connected with some of the prominent NGO’s and pursuing my Masters in Social Work, final year……yes, finally I am here in this field which I think will remain with me and won’t change but as they say…you never know….life takes you to places and you only land up chasing it!!!




Let Me Dream Higher!!


“What will people say!” has killed more dreams than anything else in the world.

So dream higher than the sky, deeper than the ocean & don’t ever be brought down by what people have to say!

(Next time, if anyone says to you, hey stop, what people will say….simply smile and answer….”Let Them Say”)


Have a Dreamful Sunday Fellas!

Cup Full of Joy!




What is JOY? Nobody actually knows it properly…..and believe me……lives pass by and we fail to understand the actual meaning of JOY! We keep on waiting for something to happen to live those moments of JOY and at times we fail to catch those moments or even if they come they come for a very short period and after that again that miserable sort of life or boring schedule…. (sigh)

I personally believe that we must try to capture JOY in every little thing, every little moment, in everything, in flowers, in plants, looking at the road, while waiting on that traffic signal, going up or down in the lift of our building, sipping a cup of your favorite coffee, shopping from your nearby grocery store, walking in the garden or park, listening to the chirping of that little sparrow…..I mean everything….try to make every little or big thing your source of JOY and see the difference….Give it a try for only a day….right from the morning till night and let me know if it worked for you?

(It really is helping me, quite a lot if not fully but to a great extent! 🙂 )  



Don’t Stop, Keep Flowing!



O dear wind, don’t stop!

Don’t stop…

Keep flowing,

Till my message reaches to Him

He, who lives beyond oceans

Go to Him, dear wind

And let him know my emotions

Its been so long

That I haven’t met Him

But the light of compassion

Hasn’t gone dim

People come, people go

Not a single moment was there

When there wasn’t you to blow

Its hard to believe

That you aren’t there with me

Still a part of me says

That you will be here

As soon as it will be

To let you know till then

My words and my feelings

I’ve sent this wind

Filled with my words to you…..



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Left…..Just Me!




This ambiance…… flowing

Like a molten blue sapphire

The Earth is nowhere,

Nor the sky

Branches and leaves…shivering in silence

Are saying….. just you are here

And just me!

My breath is here and my heart-beats

Such deepness, such loneliness

And Me…. only Me

All alone in this era of enchanting magic

As if, it’s only me left and nobody else

To witness this wonder of time

And to listen to this melody of air full of sweet chime

Just me and no one else

Going up and down with the waves of the ocean

Holding the hand of time

To look forward for another journey

Miles away from miles

Moving ahead,

Me…. just me!







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Think Of It Now!



Why this Sky is blue,

Why Water makes you feel cool,

Why this Earth is round?


Why Silk is so soft,

Why Fire seems so hot,

Why there’s no shape of Sound??


Why Trees have gone less,

Why Seasons are three… just guess

And why Moons are not two?


Why there is War in world,

Why Streets go full with blood,

And why Borders are all around?


Did you ever think of it…..?

Did you ever…..?

If not then, think of it NOW!


Why every River flows,

What is this Light…does anyone knows?

Why Snow-Falls only?


Did you ever think of it…?

Did you ever…..?

If not then, think of it NOW!


Loneliness is never heard

And why Air is never seen?


Did you ever think of it….?

Did you ever….?

If not then, think of it NOW!