That one day of loneliness

Had billions of hours confined in it

I thought this day will never end

Can’t remember how many times

I looked out for you

And kept myself stand

I still remember

Your one last look

I tried to stop you     

But you went away

At that moment

I felt we have gone

Thousands of miles apart

My heart filled with grief

All our moments spent together

Flashed before my eyes

Just like a well-scripted movie

And I was not even aware

When those pearls came out from the shell of sadness

And rolled out from my eyes

A shiver went through my entire body

When the thought of loosing you came into my heart

That I will never be able to see you again

Bombardment of emotions

Jeopardize my whole being

And you were going away from me….

Minute by minute

Second by second

Leaving me all alone

In the abstract loneliness of life

As if we never ever met…never







© copyright. All Rights Reserved.


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