Eyes Do Speak


Eyes do speak

They give a message of heart

We get to see a soul

With these two little windows apart

The eyes sometimes

Have some hidden stories

No matter how hard they try

They tend to fill with queries

A lover’s eyes

Makes your world go round

You tend to get lost in them

Without hearing the world’s sound

A child’s eyes are

Full of innocence

They give a message of purity

They actually have got the life’s essence

A glimpse of clarity

A mother’s eyes

Are best of all

For they are always filled with love

They are like the ocean

Full of all the emotions

They give us the message of selflessness

A seeker’s eyes

Are always inquisitive

Actually asking for a path

At times they do get, at times don’t

But they never opt for wrath

If eyes are there

This world is beautiful

For they make our world

Naturally more meaningful

People say

What’s in the eyes?

And I say

This whole world

Lies in the eyes….





© copyright. All Rights Reserved.


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