Eternally Mine


You are in me

I am in you

Then why do I wander

In search of you

Every breath I take

Is a gift of yours to me

It is only you to decide

To be or not to be

I roam about everywhere

Only to get a glimpse of yours

Every time I plead to you

For me to open your doors

I’ve been told

You are available to everyone without any discrimination

But every minute my heart waits for you

And lives in this suffocation

Your love is with me

I many a times feel

But O lord can’t you come and meet me

And complete this lover’s deal?

Oh dear lord I urge you

To let me see you in real

Let me talk to you just once

And all my doubts will be clear

I know you are listening to me every second

Protecting me every time

I believe one day you will come to me

And make my world prime





© copyright. All Rights Reserved.




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