I believe that memories no matter how painful they are remains close to our heart, always. At times it is really difficult to rationalize the things when our past comes in front of us in our future. We tend to look at it for sure as no matter how hard we try to ignore it but it is almost impossible to do this. We all are humans after all and when a person from our memory book comes in front of us we tend to live up those emotions which we had shared in the past, be it the emotions of love, care, compassion or hatred, whole film kind of thing runs in front of our eyes and we become restless which is completely natural.

But what one must do when he or she comes across such situation? Well, the only solution for this is to let go the things of the past and move on….just like when you sit in a train and cross station by station….same thing you can apply here as well. I know it becomes very painful to let go the past but this is the only solution! Open the cage of your heart and free those memories of past. You can’t just stop at only one station and stop your journey of life there itself, can you? We have to move on as if nothing happened, we have to keep smiling for our loved ones as if we are the happiest person in this world! Strange but that is how life must go. Gone time never comes back, its only the memories which knock at our door and makes us sad for a moment or happy for a moment if the memories are of the happy moments you’ve lived but what difference does it makes? Nothing! gone is gone……whether good or bad!

We have to go on and let the station pass to reach another one……this is the real philosophy of life.


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