I am the Taj

I am the symbol of true love

A King built me in the memory of his beloved

He chose me to be like that

He wanted me to be like

Nobody else in this world

This world has kept me in seven wonders

But I think I am the only one

For no wonder has got behind it

Such a strong feeling of love

And pain of being away like me

I know all about his feelings

What that entire King went through

His feelings are preserved

In every stone of mine

A lover’s breath is rested within me

As in the morning Sunbeam falls upon

Their true love starts to shine

I am as white as the first snow of the season

I still glow with or without any reason

People from distant & different places

Come and admire my beauty and charm

They know two lovers are resting quietly

Within me cozy and warm

Couples come and admire the emotions behind me

Somewhere within they too think

If at all it would’ve been possible

To carve another like me

But am alone

Standing tall with two lovely souls

In the moonlit night

I look more glorious

But very few knows

That’s not my glory

It’s the glory of the two pious lovers

Who still come & meet under my roof

And live their love again and again

I feel their bliss, their emotion, their compassion within me

I smile and the world says,

That’s the beauty of the Taj Mahal !


By: Divyaa

© copyright. All Rights Reserved.



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