My Sweet Mommy



In my smiles, in my cries

In my first steps

I know that you were keen like me


I was nowhere

You brought me into this world

You always came up with all my needs

As if you have all heard


You made me feel safe

By being around always

You raised me up

In the blanket of love

Be it anyways


You’re the light of our family

Without you we are incomplete

You’re the sunshine of care

Which made me compete


No matter how much problems you faced

You always came up with a smile

You never showed up any emotion of tiredness

Even though you had walked miles


You gave me strength

When I was afraid

You motivated me

When I got failed

Made me smile

When I cried

You gave me love

When I felt tied

You are an inspiration

You are the celebration


Oh dear Mom…

I can go on and on

To write about you

All I can say that

I have never met God

But I am sure

He surely must be like you

You are the first love of my life

“Mamma”…..I Love You!!!

© copyright. All Rights Reserved.

By: Divyaa


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