Alright, so I am sure you people most of the time must have noticed that life at times takes us on a roller-coaster ride, isn’t? Especially then when we are not at all ready for it! But what else we can do…..we like it or not….we have to take on that ride. What is important is that we must try to enjoy everything which life comes up with only than it will be possible for us to keep a pace with the time.

Yes…I do remember that I have to share rest of the 4 important rooms in the house of life….so here they goes:


Do you read the sporting pages in the newspaper? Do you dance or play chess or tennis? Can you enjoy a game of pool? It’s a poor person who can’t play. No matter who you are, you would be more human, and your house of life would be better but-ressed against the bad days, if you could, and did, play a bit.


Let food stand for all the “animalities” (as opposed to the intellectual or spiritual). Do you derive pleasure from the physical rituals of your day? Do you try to appreciate your bed, your clothes, your meals? Do you mark the comforts of your bath, your armchair, your slippers? Suppose you list the small human things that delight you in the day’s round, such as the odor of coffee, the quiet hour to yourself after the family have gone to bed, the zest of morning, the sense of adventure in going to your work each day, the taste of apples, the pleasure of a brisk walk, the amusing differences in the people you meet, the feel of silk, of books, of your pen. There are a hundred more points of pleasure in your day than you imagine.


Do not boast that you have no religious feeling. You are depriving yourself of something that is your rightful inheritance. Of course the religious feeling has, like all things mixed with human clay, shown sides of pettiness, the angles of disgust, cruelty and unreason, but, withal, it has done much to beautify and ennoble our humanity. And if I shut myself out from God, from the contemplation of the Infinite and from that sublimity man gets from religious emotion only, I am harming myself. I want a house of life to have magnificence and splendor. Why should I seal up the chapel because others misuse it?


Most of us have to work. And most of us think we do not like it. As a matter of fact, we do. We should be vastly more miserable without than with work. Without struggle, danger, adventure, hope, fear, and triumph, life is empty—and usually is a tremendous bore.


The secret of a contented old age is to keep on adding rooms to the house of life.



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