So yes……we were yesterday discussing about the necessary and the most essential things we must include in our life. You see life at times becomes very complicated and restless and to get rid of all that crap, we ought to take some important steps which in the beginning may seem to be a little overdo of the innovative ideas but in the long run these are gonna become a strong pillar of our life….believe me!

Fine so, let me share with you the next 4 essential rooms:


You do not care for Mozart and Bach? You shun the symphony? Poverty is a curse, and poverty of taste is the worst curse of all. Real riches are of the spirit. And when you have brought that spirit up to where classical music feeds it and makes you a little drunk, you have increased your thrills and bettered them. And life is a matter of thrills.


There are many, especially city dwellers, who are dead to the delights of the great outdoors. They are dead to the wonder and witchery of the sky, forest, and stream; they have no craving for the joys of tramping, hunting, exploring, botanizing, geologizing, and stargazing. Is it not better to give a child a taste that will enrich his life than to give him money that may cramp and impoverish it?


There are number of people who, for one reason or another, have closed or attempted to close the door of their hearts. Many of these have been wounded or betrayed. So, because there is some tragedy in the room of sentiment, they have shut it up and locked the door.

But the fact is that one’s capacity for pain is the exact measure of his capacity for enjoyment. The fullness of life and its richness can be found only by those who are willing to endure the sufferings which equip them for the keener joys. By endeavoring to shut themselves away from all sentiment, they may save themselves pain, but they make their lives drab and empty. Don’t be afraid to go into the room of love, of friendship, of the piercing experiences that come to you only through the affections. There is doubtless in that room a sword, but there is also a brimming wine cup.


The very cares that children bring, the anxiety and heartbreak, are what you need to make your life rich. Every child is another room in the house of life.


*In my next segment, I will be sharing the rest of the 4 most important rooms in the house of life, so stay tuned for more.


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