Perhaps you think you could easily add to your happiness if you had more money. Strange as it may seem, if you’re unsatisfied, the issue is not a lack of means to gratify your desires but a lack of desires—-not that you cannot satisfy your tastes but that you don’t have enough tastes. Innumerable poor wretches have nothing but money. If you are a careful observer, you will see that real riches consist of well-developed and hearty capacities to enjoy life. Most people are already swamped with things. They eat too much, wear too much, live in too big a house, hear too much, and talk too much. I know people who live in houses of brick and stone where there are too many rooms, yet their house of life is a hut. Your house of life ought to be a mansion, a royal palace. Every new taste, every additional interest, every fresh enthusiasm adds a room. I will be writing about 10 rooms your house of life should have. Today I am gonna talk about the first two rooms:



“Why art?” you ask. “Why should I cultivate a new desire? I can’t satisfy those I have.” Simply because the world is full of beautiful things. If you only understood how to enjoy them, how to feed your spirit on them, they would make you as happy as to find plenty of good food when you are hungry.



Literature, classic literature, is a beautiful, richly furnished chamber, wherein, if you only loved it, you might find many an hour of rest and refreshment. To gain that love would go towards making you a rich person, for a rich person is not someone who has library but who likes a library!


*In my next post I will talk about the other 2 important rooms of life, so stay tuned!


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