O dear stranger

Who are you?

Why you look so mine to me?

We’ve never met before

But still you look so fine to me?


It seems as if

We must have met before

Somewhere near the rainbow

or on a melodious shore


Your face is so familiar

Your voice so smooth

making my world prettier

and making so true…


Can’t believe its happening with me

or its just an illusion of mine

That you are sitting next to me

and even sun-set is giving a new shine!


Will you be always there

O please tell me now

If you will break my heart

am telling you dear

It wont be fair


Come…lets count these beautiful stars

I believe these are more wonderful

Than those so called worldly “Stars”

This life is worth-living

As you are with me now

Oh! this is actually happening with me

Really don’t know how!!


O dear stranger….you are no more a stranger to me now…..!


By Divyaa

© copyright. All Rights Reserved.


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