To commemorate this beautiful photo, I now give you……..

Things to be loved that are YELLOW:

the Sun



yellow Volkswagen beetles


construction vests- they keep people safe

(same with yellow traffic lights)

that beautiful yellow butterfly

carbon paper, its incredibly useful (this goes for highlighters)

lemon drop candy

bert’s bees anything

school buses (well, I don’t think they are actually that loved) 🙂

certain varieties of Tulips

parking stall lights

banana popsicles 

a yellow smiley








What a lovely, ugly word. It’s a virtue. It’s a fruit of the Spirit. It’s important. And often, it is the bane of my existence.

In a world of instant coffee, news, and information, we don’t often have to wait on anything. But, I learned the meaning of patience when I waited for the first time in my life for a next tram or bus. Ten minutes of standing there at the stop.

Just waiting…

It was like the life has come to a pause.

Then, I started making myself more and more used to it. I enjoyed those moments of pause in the day, when I could stop and smell the roses. (Literally, there are flowers by this tram stop.)

Little test of patience in life are sometimes troublesome, but often quickly overcome. Then, there are the big, huge, in your face tests of patience.

In my life, there came a phase when I had to take some very important decisions to put the things on the right place in my life….it was a low phase. I had sought all the advice of every person willing to give it. (There were many.) I considered all the evidence. And, then, I got on my knees and banged on the door of Heaven. I prayed my heart out. I prayed and prayed and begged and prayed. And do you know what I heard:


Wait on Me.


Over and over again. Wait on Me.

I would start prayer like- But, God, I need an answer. But, God, this. But, God, what about that?

Every time the answer was the same- Wait on Me.

Patience… God was asking me to have patience and wait on His timing. The audacity. Doesn’t He know how valuable my time is? Doesn’t He know that I have to make plans? And even more so, there are more people involved in this decision than just me! Doesn’t He know those people need an answer?

But in my heart, I knew. It wasn’t their decision. It wasn’t my decision. It was His decision. He knew the next step to take, when we were supposed to take it, and where it would lead us. And more importantly, He knew when He should tell us.

So, I waited. I told the voices of the world to be quiet. I told everyone that this decision was not about me, but something bigger than me. And I waited. And waited. The voices were not silent. They tried to be encouraging, then became critical, then became frustrated, then became critical again.

Then, for just a moment I let doubt creep in. It was only for a little, tiny second.

It was enough.

….and do not give the devil a foothold.”  Ephesians 4:27

The devil had a foothold and doubt turned into stress. Stress turned into depression. And depression infected me..

But, I kept praying. Soon, the depression lifted and can you guess what happened?

God was faithful.            

I don’t have all the answers and I still don’t know for sure everything the future holds. But, He is opening doors in places that I could have never opened them myself. He is revealing things to me that I know are direction from Him. He is confirming my diligence in making a wise decision and waiting on His counsel. He’s coming through.

And I am looking back thinking- how could I have ever doubted?

He is so worth the wait.

But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.




That one day of loneliness

Had billions of hours confined in it

I thought this day will never end

Can’t remember how many times

I looked out for you

And kept myself stand

I still remember

Your one last look

I tried to stop you     

But you went away

At that moment

I felt we have gone

Thousands of miles apart

My heart filled with grief

All our moments spent together

Flashed before my eyes

Just like a well-scripted movie

And I was not even aware

When those pearls came out from the shell of sadness

And rolled out from my eyes

A shiver went through my entire body

When the thought of loosing you came into my heart

That I will never be able to see you again

Bombardment of emotions

Jeopardize my whole being

And you were going away from me….

Minute by minute

Second by second

Leaving me all alone

In the abstract loneliness of life

As if we never ever met…never







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The Earth is sleeping

Putting on the sheet of gloominess

The sounds of air

Whispering slowly breaks the silence of..

This Night and this Wakefulness


The secret meeting of the stars

Brightening and contrasting with the black night

Shaking the images of emotion

Present in the mirror of river

Flowing by smoothly in..

This Night and in this Wakefulness


The Moon is waiting eagerly

To see two lovers meet

It wants to make a

Wish come true..

In this Night and in this Wakefulness


Leaving this world behind

Two souls are ready to fly

Far away in the world of stars..

In this Night and in this Wakefulness


A touch of fear

Tries to come near

To break the determination of love

But who has ever been able to stop the love

It will go on and prove itself true..

In this Night and in this Wakefulness






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So…yet another gorgeously cushioned and well-placed Sunday is in front of us! We must enjoy in complete abandon and relax thoroughly….isn’t?

The weather out here is so summery and sunny which is actually wooing my heart!!!! 🙂 I am actually planning to look after my ‘Green-Greenly-Garden’, that’s what I call it! Will sit next to the nature and unwind…..feel the bliss of the fresh air, lots of playtime and and the list goes on….what are you planning for your Sunday? Does your list include any from below?

1.Have Breakfast Outside.


2.Wearing A Comfy Dress.


3.Enjoy Beautiful Blooms.


4.Roll Around On Your Back.

5 Things To Do On A Lazy Sunday | Roll around | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon


5.Plan A Flat Lay.

5 Things To Do On A Lazy Sunday | Flat lay | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon



Eyes Do Speak


Eyes do speak

They give a message of heart

We get to see a soul

With these two little windows apart

The eyes sometimes

Have some hidden stories

No matter how hard they try

They tend to fill with queries

A lover’s eyes

Makes your world go round

You tend to get lost in them

Without hearing the world’s sound

A child’s eyes are

Full of innocence

They give a message of purity

They actually have got the life’s essence

A glimpse of clarity

A mother’s eyes

Are best of all

For they are always filled with love

They are like the ocean

Full of all the emotions

They give us the message of selflessness

A seeker’s eyes

Are always inquisitive

Actually asking for a path

At times they do get, at times don’t

But they never opt for wrath

If eyes are there

This world is beautiful

For they make our world

Naturally more meaningful

People say

What’s in the eyes?

And I say

This whole world

Lies in the eyes….





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Eternally Mine


You are in me

I am in you

Then why do I wander

In search of you

Every breath I take

Is a gift of yours to me

It is only you to decide

To be or not to be

I roam about everywhere

Only to get a glimpse of yours

Every time I plead to you

For me to open your doors

I’ve been told

You are available to everyone without any discrimination

But every minute my heart waits for you

And lives in this suffocation

Your love is with me

I many a times feel

But O lord can’t you come and meet me

And complete this lover’s deal?

Oh dear lord I urge you

To let me see you in real

Let me talk to you just once

And all my doubts will be clear

I know you are listening to me every second

Protecting me every time

I believe one day you will come to me

And make my world prime





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Stop Feeling Guilty Ladies!

Shed a load


For many women, feeling guilty is often second nature. However, why feel guilty about something you probably have no control over.


That little voice in your head can be important. It keeps you from inappropriate and socially unacceptable behavior, but don’t confuse having a conscience with guilt. Your conscience is in play when your own sense of right and wrong directs you into action. Guilt, on the other hand, is when you criticize and blame yourself, and even feel responsible for events beyond your control. This can be paralyzing and destructive.

It’s especially easy for women to succumb to feelings of guilt. Women are usually taught to be carers and nurturers, but unfortunately many women believe that this means they should put their own needs last. So, whenever you do something for yourself (saying ‘no’, reading a book, having a facial) you may experience that nagging little voice in your head telling you that you should be doing something else.

Why ‘should’ you?
It’s important to examine those ‘shoulds’. Are they your own values that you truly believe in, or are they the beliefs of others? For instance, is it in fact your mum’s belief that your children watch too much television, or your husband’s belief that you ought to be a stay-at-home mum?

Feeling guilty provides a clue that you need to take a look at what’s going on … separating what’s important and what’s not. By being sure of your values, you will know what is important to you and it will be easier to make decisions based on what you believe in. We all have core values, which are meaningful and personal … it’s why we do what we do, what’s important to us. It’s good to take stock from time to time.

  1. Ask yourself what’s important to you in your life now.
  2. Create a plan with designated slots for all your important activities, including breaks. Because they’re all included, you won’t need to worry about what you’re doing, when you’re not doing it, or how you’ll fit it in.
  3. Maintaining a balanced life doesn’t mean having equal time for everything. Work usually takes the bulk of your time, but make sure to include the right amount of time for the right things.
  4. Don’t overcompensate with your children because you feel guilty about being a working mother. It’s not good for them or for you.
  5. Look at how much your family gain by what you do. You’re a role model for them.

Ditch it
In your diary, make a list of the things you feel guilty about and ask yourself how you can forgive yourself and let go. Compare your list with your values to give yourself some perspective. Think about your guilt and explore what it’s really about.

Remember that just because you feel guilty, doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. Commit yourself to start thinking ‘What now?’ instead of ‘I should have’. This will stop you agonizing over what you could have done differently and help you to focus on the future. Talk to a friend. Their perspective might help to change your perception of the situation. Put up a list of your priorities and the next time you get that niggling feeling, check your list. If it doesn’t make the top three, stop worrying about it.

The Night Diary

Hola everyone!

A nice action-packed day it was!!! Lots of work and perfectly completed! A lot much is going on in the politics of my country these days in India. I personally am very hopeful that this new government which has come up into power will do wonders for the development of our country, India. A dedicated leader (PM) is a must now for India now to get the jobs done in a logical manner and also to brush up the economy and security of our country. Hoping for the best!

Want to share this beautiful thought with you:

“When I lay my head on the pillow at night I can say I was a descent person today. That’s when I feel beautiful.”





I am a wanderer

I go to places

In search of new people

In search of new traces

This world is my home

These stars are my light

The sky is my roof

With both Moon & Sun shining bright

I can’t stay at one place

For my nature is to go on

New thoughts always fill me up

With a zest to move on

I meet all with open arms

Have no hard feelings at all

Humanity is my only religion

Without any scope to fall

My culture is love

With no room of hatred

I want everyone

To live combined without being separate

Today I am here

Tomorrow somewhere else

How it feels being a wanderer

Can’t find enough words

To tell you how it spells…





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