If Ever You Feel Sad…..

In life, we all come across different phases; fearful, joyful, and sometimes very sad moments….such moments when you feel what to do next? You at times feel that why am I here in this world? What I am doing? You just want to go away from this world. You feel at times deeply hurt by your loved one’s remark or a rude behavior. Certain times, things don’t work out as per your expectations or as per your desire and that moment when you loose something very precious or someone really precious whom you wanted to be with you, things go really out of your hands. But what must be done at that point of time? Shall we sit in some corner and cry? Shall we close or lock ourselves up in a dark room so that nobody may reach out to us? My answer is a big “NO” !

The only solution to this is let go all those things which made you feel sad or which made you cry. The person who left you was never yours! The person or a thing which is yours or which is meant to be yours…..mark my words, nobody is gonna take that away from you. No one can even dare to that cause it is destined for you only! If ever you come across such moments, I have a solution which I personally follow or use. Just go in the midst of the nature and run….run my friend just run…….it will channelize your sorrow believe me! It really works….and when you are tired and exhausted enough….laugh out loud! as loud as you can and throw away your sorrows and pains with that laughter. You will feel so much light and in fact you will find a new you!

Try it whenever you feel sad and see the miracle happen!


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