A Rainy Morning!

Its raining here right now! A morning which comes up along with a rain-shower looks more fresh and beautiful. As if rain washed the morning thoroughly and presented before us a clean, shiny as fresh as dew morning. Ever since childhood, I have been fond of rains! I used to look out for reasons and excuses to go out in the rain and feel it, but Mom always used to protect me from that in fact till now she don’t allow me but I find out a way for sure! (though not every time but most of the time) I find rain sometimes as a message of God…calm and supple…trying to tell us something with a cool, serine whisper of air. The sound of the rain is a melody in itself….drop by drop….at times a shower, all with a jingle sound of its own. I most of the time, when at home sit calm near my window with a cup of coffee and close my eyes to feel the magical bliss of it and believe me its a meditation in its own way! This soothes the soul and re-awakens the mind.

As a child, my only charm of rain used to be to sail the paper boats in the water flowing by. As soon as I used to saw the black clouds ganging around in the sky and used to hear their roaring sound….I used to quickly grab a note-book of mine, tear away 2-3 pages from it & the craft used to come into action….one boat…then another and then the third one…all set to sail my boat, I used to go out and wait for the rains to begin & as it started flowing, I used to jump with joy and like a Captain I used to feel proud to see my boat sailing and going through the water…away n away! Those were the days of sheer innocence, isn’t? I really miss them.

Now a days, I only try to look out to move around in the rain and to listen to its mumbling sound…..the sound of nature. Its a beautiful feeling. Its magical indeed!


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