Relating With Relations

Relations! They if I say are the life-line of any person would not be something extra! Whether it is the relation of a Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Brother, Sister, a Friend and so on. People actually are depending on these relations, sometimes for emotional support and sometimes for financial support and sometimes for just attaining peace. But what happens when these relations become burden on you? What happens when you feel bounded by them? You actually want to throw them away, isn’t? It happens but the question is why to bring that situation or that worst point in any relationship? In my point of view, we must give a breathing space to each other & it applies to all relationships no matter with whom. We all need a privacy at certain point of time. Parents must understand that their child may also demand some moments of privacy with them and which is not wrong by any means! Being in love doesn’t give right to choke away the space, if you love somebody then there shouldn’t be every time you have to tell your lover that,”I am shopping right now, I have reached home, I am in a bathroom, I having dinner” I mean its just not right! It actually happens. Here before marriage, couples hang around on their mobiles most of the time reporting I have done this, I have done that and what are you doing right now? I would say this that they exhaust themselves before marriage only!

The second thing is people demand a lot from their relationships. They don’t want to do anything from their side but expects everything from the other person. Even if they insult somebody they expect that same person to come and say sorry, it happens…I am not saying every time and all are like that but most of the persons have that habit which is not justified at all!

For any healthy relationship, it is important that their should be Trust, Confidence and Individual space. One must not throw himself or herself on the other one. Mutual understanding and cooperation is important as well. Like we see in Husband & Wife relation, here in India, Wife is considered to look after the family, the kitchen, Husband and if she is working she must balance between her work and home! I mean all burden on a wife single-handedly she is expected to complete her duties….I ask you,”Is it satisfiable”? No, because the relation is of equality and she must not be treated as slave! Things can only turn up in a nice manner if people will respect & understand each others sentiments. This way life will actually blossom!


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