A Krishnamaya Dream!

Good Morning Friends!

Today i wish to share a dream with all of you which I saw last night. It is very special for me since I am a devotee of Lord Krishna. I saw that I am going somewhere down the road and suddenly there are lots of people, all chanting “Hare Krishna-The Mahamantra”. I asked one person as to what is going on and he told me that its Lord Jagganath’s Rath Yatra. Those people were wearing yellow-colored clothes. The place was quiet narrow but all the people there could easily move and even I found myself in the middle of those devotees. I didn’t knew as to when I reached at a clear, wide place and as I looked up, there was an old big Krishna temple in front of my eyes! There were lots of stairs to go up and I started moving towards up with those stairs. When I reached on top I saw many people chanting the Maha-Mantra and were sitting there. I went inside another room andthere were some people who were in white clothes and were sitting in a form of Samadhi. As I entered there, I saw Sri Sri Prabhupadji sitting over there! I bowed down to him & he blessed me and told me that you must chant the Maha-mantra and asked me to sit there only.

I sat down quietly and started chanting the Maha-mantra and saw a bright light entering into me and suddenly I woke up! It was really magical experience…..The most amazing part was that I never thought of Sri Sri Prabhupadji ever and still he blessed me with his divine darshan! I am so so deeply touched!


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