Arjuna- A Person Established in Self


In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjun asks Krishna to describe a person established in the Self. How does such a person walk, behave, etc. Does external behavior determine if a person is enlightened or not?

Well, not really! You can’t judge anyone just by his/her external actions and behavior. You really can’t make out whether this person is enlightened or not as there is no hard and fast rule for an enlightened person that he/she has to or must behave in such and such manner only. Even a kid can be enlightened and you may never know about it! I know that human nature is bound to judge anybody by his/her appearance, behavior and actions but at the same time we must keep in mind that most of the people in fact Arjuna didn’t know about Lord Krishna till the time he saw him in his “AVATAR” form. He only used to considered Krishna as his best friend and not a God! This is because Lord Krishna was living with Arjuna and all other people like just another normal person or a human being. He never reflected it that he is a God not even to his mother. So, it also depends on the enlightened person whether or not he/she wants us to know about their “Holy Knowledge”. Its purely up to them to let us know about their enlightenment.


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