Let the Happiness Rule





Happiness is actually very elusive till the time you know how to balance. I am telling you from my experience. I have seen those days when I used to run after the happy moments. I used to try to be happy and in fact used to pray to God…..that O God, please! I want today’s day to be filled with happy moments and no worries…..but most of the time it used to be the opposite of that. Some or the other tension used to knock my life’s door to enter and I like a fool used to open the door and let it come.How foolish, isn’t? Foolish because at that time I was not knowing that it is absolutely up to me for whom to open the door of my life and for whom to close. Yes, it is similar to our house entry gate. You tell me if an unwanted person is knocking your door, will you let him in? No, then why to let the worries and tensions come inside? Just keep your door closed and only let peace and joy inside you.

See, its not that hard.A famous writer once said, “Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” In other words, don’t run after just comforts in your life and do those things which you might not want to do. Just be yourself and for god’s sake, try at least once to do those things in which your heart lies, truly. But do them in such way that people can’t stop talking about you!

I live by some of the rules to which I call “Joy Rules” and today, am gonna share those with you:

  1. Be Unique: Which means, try to be different and unique on your own.Do the things your way, in your own style. Since, we all are born unique and different, hence we must keep our approach such way that it  reflects our own personality.
  2. Learn From Everyone: I believe, that we can learn from everyone in this universe. Every being has something or the other to offer you in terms of knowledge and we must accept it.
  3. Never Panic: Even if there is the toughest situation, try not to panic as it will only make the situation worse. So its better we keep our mind cool and look out for the solution, instead of sobbing around!
  4. Satisfaction: I always believe that we must have the happiness of what we have. We must be satisfied from what we have right now and not to cry for what we don’t have. We must try to achieve big things but with them, ignoring what we have is not a good idea for sure!
  5. Care: We must give back to the society in which we are living. I think, helping someone in need will not only make that person happy but it will also satisfy our soul.
  6. Forgive & Forget: This one is most important one. In my view whoever has done something bad with us, made a big mistake or whatever….we must try to forgive and forget because this way we will keep our peace of mind intact and won’t loose it anyway. Why to boil our blood for those who are not worth it?

So these rules are my best friends actually and they have helped me to a greater extend to live my life peacefully along with happiness. I hope, my rules help you too!



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