The Higher Power

Most of the time, when we look around, we see only misery, hate, anger, greed and meaningless violence. How to know there is a higher power? This question often used to haunt me and maybe to most of you, isn’t? Well after a lot of thinking and everything over it, I have reached to a conclusion!

See, the nature of our mind is when we see misery we magnify it. If  ten compliments are given to us and one insult is given to us, what we usually do is, we catch hold of that one insult and blow it out of proportion.

My dear, I would like to share with you, there are a lot of good things also happening in the society. There is lot of service happening. There are a lot of good intended people around, and if we look into the eyes of these people, we will feel that there is compassion and love in most people’s hearts and minds. I agree there is hate, anger and greed. This is probably because we have not been able to educate them in human values. All this shows that there indeed is a higher power who promotes and channelize us all.

I know that we come across lots of problem in our lives but the only solution to this is that we must believe strongly in this-“If God brings you to it, God will get you through it.”




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